Geothermal Production Manager

Occupation Information table
Overview: Geothermal Production Managers manage operations at geothermal power generation facilities. They also maintain and monitor geothermal plant equipment for efficient and safe plant operations.
Duties: Supervise employees in geothermal power plants or well fields. Oversee geothermal plant operations, maintenance, and repairs to ensure compliance with applicable standards or regulations. Communicate geothermal plant conditions to employees. Identify and evaluate equipment, procedural, or conditional inefficiencies involving geothermal plant systems. Perform or direct the performance of preventative maintenance on geothermal plant equipment. Inspect geothermal plant or injection well fields to verify proper equipment operations. Develop or manage budgets for geothermal operations. Select and implement corrosion control or mitigation systems for geothermal plants. Develop operating plans and schedules for geothermal operations. Record, review, or maintain daily logs, reports, maintenance, and other records associated with geothermal operations. Monitor geothermal operations, using programmable logic controllers. Conduct well field site assessments. Identify opportunities to improve plant electrical equipment, controls, or process control methodologies. Prepare environmental permit applications or compliance reports. Negotiate interconnection agreements with other utilities. Obtain permits for constructing, upgrading, or operating geothermal power plants. Troubleshoot and make minor repairs to geothermal plant instrumentation or electrical systems.
Degree(s): A.A.S. Management: Marketing Concentration 
A.S. Business Administration (Accounting and Marketing) 
Job Outlook: Employment of production managers is projected to grow 1 percent from 2019 to 2029, slower than the average for all occupations.
Education Level: Training for this occupation generally requires an Associate Degree from a 2 year or community college.
Additional Training/Education: Skills and knowledge in mechanical machinery, administration and management protocols, production and processing logistics, safety or security regulations, and mathematical abilities are necessary to succeed as a geothermal production manager.

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