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 2021-2022 春季学期





课程设置 Classes:

中文课 Chinese Class:   

  • 幼儿园班: 通过儿歌,游戏等方式,学习国语发音, 简单汉字, 词语和简短句子。

Kindergarten class: Focus on learning Mandarin pronunciation, simple characters, phrases andshort sentences through ways of singing songs, playing games, and hands-on activities.

  • 普通中文班: 学习汉语拼音,字词, 句子和短文,注重听说读写练习。

Regular Chinese Class: Focus on learning and reviewing Pinyin, characters, phrases,sentences and paragraphs. Listening, speaking, reading and writing will be emphasized throughthe learning of texts. 85% of the instruction is conducted in Mandarin Chinese.

  • CSL:以非国语家庭孩子为主, 注重国语听说读能力的培养并逐步提高国语写作能力。

CSL class: Designed for the children from non-Mandarin speaking families. The development of communication skills in listening and speaking will be emphasized. Reading skills will be developed by reading phrases, sentences and short paragraphs. Writing skills will be gradually increased as the children become more confident in their ability to use Mandarin.


兴趣课 Enrichment Class:

手工Art & Craft,泥塑Clay Doll Making,蜡笔画 Drawing with Crayons,跆拳道 Tae Kwon Do,  水彩和素描 Watercolors & Sketching

上课时间及课程 Class Time & Class Level

 中文课 Chinese Class:

周五晚上Friday evening at 6:30-8:30pm

普通班 Regular Class

Level 1—Level 6

CSL Class Level 1—Level 4

周六上午Saturday morning at 9:00-11:00am

普通班 Regular Class

Level 1—Level 5

CSL Class Level 2—Level 7



 兴趣课 Enrichment Class: 

周六上午Saturday morning at 11:05am-12:05pm

Watercolors & Sketching (7 & up)


学费和注册费Tuition & Registration Fee


中文课和 1 小时兴趣课

Chinese Class and

Enrichment Class


Chinese Class Only




* 同一家庭的第二,第三个孩子的注册费每人少$5.

     The payment amount of the 2nd or 3rd child of the same family is $5 less than that of the 1st child.


书本Textbook & Workbook

  • 普通中文班 Regular Chinese Class $15 (pay later)
  • CSL 班课本可在网上订购

CSL Class textbook and workbook “Chinese Made Easy for Kids (2nd Edition, Simplified Chinese and English)” can be purchased through Amazon. Please contact the Chinese Academy prior to order it if you register for CSL 1 class.

退款要求 Refund Policy

  • 退款申请必须通过电子邮件以书面形式递交学校。All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing through email.
  • 在开学前至少三天前退课,可获90% 退款。90% refund at least 3 days prior to the 1st
  • 上了一次课之后退课,可获75% 退款。75% refund after the 1st class and prior to the 2nd
  • 上了两次课之后退课,概不退款。No refund after the 2nd
  • 注册费不退款。The registration fee ($20) is not refundable.


Contact Us:

Queensborough Community College Chinese Academy

222-05 56th Avenue, Bayside, NY 11364

Phone: 718-281-5128, 718-281-5346  



Yang Xu, Coordinator

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