Continuing Education Committee - Annual Report for 2016-2017

To: Secretary, Academic Senate Steering Committee

From: Committee on Pre- College, Continuing Education, & Workforce Development, Eladia Raya, Chairperson

Subject: Annual Report

Date: May, 30 2017

Committee Members: Rommel Robertson (Chairperson), Naydu Carmona (Secretary), Mike Metaxas, Mary Ann Rosa, Carol Goldfond, Steven Cheng

President’s Liaison: Denise Ward

COC Liaison: OPEN

Steering Comm. Designee: Christine Mooney

Student Representative: Asma Manin

Dates Met: November 2, 2016; April 26, 2017; May 17, 2017

  • The committee met in the fall on November 2, 2016. Committee chair, Dr. Robertson reviewed the Committee’s charges for the new academic year. He reported on the continued cooperation with David Moretti to identify and replace missing documents/information from the committee’s webpage after a recent migration to a new college server.

Dr. Robertson also initiated an inquiry into the role of Dr. Melissa Dennihy on the committee as it was unclear as to whether she officially assigned to the committee. The chair discussed the committee’s plan of action for the academic year 2016-17 as stated in the committee charge.

  • The V.P. Denise Ward of the Office of Pre-College, Continuing Education, and Workforce Development reported to the committee. V.P. Ward briefed current and new committee members on function of department and clarified the committee's charge. She also updated the committee on new and continuing programs offered by the QCC division of Pre-College, Continuing Education and Workforce Development [PC-EC-WD] for Fall 2016.
  • Pre-college (PC)
    • BTECH program- currently developing student readiness assessment tool
    • Chinese Academy- currently serving ~425 students and introduced a new program “American Mathematics Competitions” designed to identify, recognize and reward excellence in mathematics through a series of national contests
    • Kids & Teen college: new college prep, state exam prep, and summer programs (i.e. PSAT, redesigned SAT test prep, Getting Ready for college)
    • College Now- serving ~1200 students from 11 different high schools, 300 attend QCC
    • Project Prize Liberty Partnership serving ~ 240 students from Grades 5-12
    • Continuing Education (CE)
      • New Fall 2016 CE programs include:
        •  Documentary photography: A Social Approach- a course designed to encourage registrants to explore and practice documentary photography as one of the most effective and inspiring disciplines.
        • Art History: Couples in the Art World
        • Movies and Writing: Tributes to Legends- a course that celebrates the lives of cinematic celebrity.
        • History Series: Election of 1960 (Nixon vs Kennedy), Paris Peace Conference 1919 (The peace to end all wars), William McKinley & Theodore Roosevelt (Spanish American War)
        •  Mindful Movement and Wellness: Vinyasa Flow (Low Impact)
        • Dance: Ballet Fitness- utilizes ballet movements to create strength, flexibility, core conditioning and aerobic capacity using classical and multi-genre music to promote physical and mental well-being.
        • Internal Martial Arts: Qigong (five animal) and Tai Chi (Bagua-walking)
        • Workforce development programs (WD)
          • Include certificate programs/industry programs
  • In the Spring the committee held its second meeting on April 26, 2017. Committee chair, Dr. Robertson provided an update on the recent changes to the Committee website. Melissa Dennihy’s status on the committee was resolved and it was determined she was erroneously notified of her membership on the committee. The chair also notified relevant members of their soon-expiring term serving on the committee. Dr. Tai addressed the committee and discussed matters pertaining to the participation of student representatives on college committees.
  • The V.P. Denise Ward of the Office of Pre-College, Continuing Education, and Workforce Development reported to the committee. Denise Ward provided committee members with a detailed chart encompassing all programs offered by the Pre-college, Continuing Education & Workforce Development Department (see Appendix A).
    • V.P. Ward provided updates on the following Precollege Programs:
      • BTECH awards will support program expansion
      • CUNY Start will also expand reading and writing programs
      • College Now/Focus currently has 9 high schools participating in the program
      • Connect-2-College a QCC funded program with teachers paid by the DOE. While the teachers do not get hired by QCC as adjuncts – as in College Now -- teachers must be interviewed and approved by program Chairs. HS teachers are expected to follow the QCC curriculum and syllabus provided to them. Teachers are asked to provide student artifacts and sample exams and teaching materials to QCC departments and are sometimes observed by college faculty. Current collaboration with Mineola H.S. offers a 30cr ET certificate program to 17 students. Participants are self-selected by the H.S. and students who earn the certificate will be encouraged to complete their degree at QCC.
      • Chinese Academy is a tuition based program that currently serves 430 students from 1st-12th grade.
      • The Liberty Partnership NYSED program is schedule to end on August 31st 2017. A new proposal was submitted and is pending.
      • 21st Century Community Learning Center NYSED grant proposal was denied and the program will end on June 30th.
      • CUNY Explorers program will potentially replace 21st CCLC as a pre-college program. The program paid for by both NYC DOE and CUNY. College campuses, including QCC, will provide on-campus tours and other activities for 7th graders from NYC public schools. The program will hire college students as mentors and will provide program workshops.
      • Summer Start, a CUNY Start program, is a 12 week condensed math program designed to eliminate participating students’ need for remedial math
  • Provided updates on Con’t Ed. & Workforce Development Programs
    • Multiple Repeaters program is designed to assist students who do not pass out of remediation courses twice and who have attended two additional workshops. This is a fee-based reading/writing remediation program. CLIP and CUNY Start teachers design and teach the courses with 6-10 students enrolled per semester.
    • New Certified Recovery Peer Advocate program is designed to train recovering addicts with experience in substance use recovery programs for careers helping others in recovery. The program is a tuition-based certificate program funded by the NYC Small Business Services and it is the first program of its kind in NYC. The program was acknowledged by Mayor Di Blasio.
    • Martin Van Buren program ending
    • V.P. Ward and 1199 SEIU union are working to develop a Medical Assistant apprenticeship program

The America's Promise DOL Grant (tech industry CUNY collaborative program)- includes three participating colleges (QCC, BMCC, KBCC). QCC will serve 325 students. The program will offer 4 ET enhanced courses that will better prepare the students for workforce skills required in the tech industry. It will also include one Capstone course: students are given a problem to work on and the steps to the solution are documented in a portfolio.

  • The final meeting of the academic year took place on May 17, 2017. The committee welcomed Alice Doyle and Wenjian Liu as newly elected members. The committee Chair thanked the two outgoing members for their contributions to the committee: Naydu Carmona (Secretary) and Steven Cheng. Elections were held to select a new committee secretary. Mike Metaxas and Carol Goldfond were nominated to serve as secretary. Carol Goldfond was elected (5-0) as the new committee secretary. The returning committee members expressed their heart felt gratitude and appreciation to the outgoing secretary Naydu Carmona and fellow committee member Steven Chen for their dedication, hard work, and service to the committee.

I would like to thank all the members of the committee for their support, the secretary for her assistance during the year and especially, I would like to thank Vice president Denise Ward for her thorough reports on the many programs and initiatives she oversees as Vice President of the office of Precollege, Continuing Education & Workforce Development.

Appendix A


*(OAA involvement)
Description Funding Source Students Annual Enrollment
*BTECH (Business Technology Early College High School)

6 year ECI; free; students earn HS diploma; A.A.S degree (CIS or IIT); dual credit; exp. Learning; internships; job opp.; industry partner - SAP





9th-14th gr

100 per year – in 3rd year

*CLIP (CUNY Language Immersion Program)

ESL Immersion; 12 week/25 hr per wk; for QCC admitted students; prior to credit courses; 3 semesters

CUNY/students pay a minor fee

HS graduates; QCC admitted students ; lowest scores

750 approx.

*CUNY Start

Math and English Immersion; fall/spring up to 16 weeks; FT- M&E(25hrs); PT- M or E(12hrs); Sum. Math Start 12 weeks

CUNY/students pay a minor fee

HS graduates; QCC Admitted students; lowest scores

500 approx.

(expanding PT programs by 100 in fall/spring ‘17/18)

*Liberty Partnership/
Project Prize

Youth Development and College Readiness 5 yr. grant renewed consistently for 22 years

In High Schools; Sat. on campus programs; fall, spring, summer


6th-12th gr

350 approx.

*21st Century Community Learning Center

Youth Development; Academic Enrichment; dual credit courses; college readiness; renewed twice in 7 years; ends 6/3017. After school; Saturday fall, spring and summer programs


6th-12th gr.


*College Now/College Focus

CN: Dual Credit courses; in 9 HS; sat and summer program on campus; HS teachers hired as adjuncts and teach courses after school hours

CF: English/Math remediation – prep for CUNY exams


CN 10th-12th gr

CF 11th-12th gr

1200 ea fall and spring

25 summer


Dual Credit courses; HS teachers approved by Dept. Chairs and paid by the HS; courses taught at the HS during school hours; includes one 30 cr. ET Certificate program at Mineola HS partially taught at QCC


10th-12th gr


Chinese Academy

Mandarin/Pynchon classes/12 levels plus culture classes for students living in Chinese families (mostly 2nd/3rd generation where Mandarin is not spoken to child) Classes are open to all students regardless of heritage

Tuition Based

1st-12th gr.


Kids/Teens College

Various Test Prep (SAT, Specialized HS, state exam), academic enrichment, STEAM programs in computers, writing et al, athletics,

Tuition Based

k-12th gr.


Oasis Summer Camp;

Summer camps vendor run; recreational, academic enrichment, athletics


k-12th gr.


Continuing Education

*(OAA involvement)
Description Funding Source Students Annual Enrollment
Adult Personal

53 courses in Computer tech, Social Media,

Photography, Art, Literature, History, Music Lifestyle, Movement/Wellness, Dance, Tennis, Golf, Swimming, & Fitness


18 + yrs


*Preparatory Skills

High School Equivalency (HSE) Prep, ESL, Port of Entry ESL, Multiple Repeaters R/W




Workforce Development

Program Description Funding Source Students Annual Enrollment
Acctg/Bkkg Certificate

3 courses




Computer Related Certificates

Quickbooks, MSOffice,




Professional Certificates

Driving Instructor; Notary Public; Enrolled Tax Agent CEU, R.E. Salesperson License, Tax Practitioner's, OSHA




Fitness Certificates

PT Nat'l Certification




Health & Allied Services Certifications

CPR/Basic Cardiac Life Support,

Standard First Aid





*EMT Basic and Refresher Cert.










EKG Technician





Phlebotomy Technician





Infection Control Techniques/Licensing





Child Abuse ID and Reporting Cert.





Teacher Certification for School Violence Prevention & Intervention Seminar





*Nursing Program Pre-admission (NLN PAX) Exam Prep


Nursing Program Candidates



Certified Hemodialysis Tech (CHT); Certified Hemodialysis Biomedical Tech CHBT); Certified Hemodialysis Nurse (CHN)


Adults and Nurses



Emergency Room Technician





Medical Office Assistants/Patient Care Tech





Medical Billing & Coding




Grant/Contract Workforce Programs

*Major Effort #1: Providing Career Services, Internships and Job Opportunities for Certificate Program and A.A.S degree program students

NYSED Perkins

QCC Students and Adult Workforce Development Students



 Career Service Liaison for BTECH to manage and develop internships and job development


For BTECH students

300 to date


Home Health Aide

NYC Dept. of Small Business Services (NYC SBS)




Pre-med program for Martin Van Buren HS


12th Gr. Students



*Effects of DSRIP Legislation of the Role of Medical Assistants (research and curriculum dev'l)

Carroll & Milton Petrie Foundation

n/a -- 3 faculty (BIO, BUS, NURSING) and Wkf. Admins.



*Certified Recovery Peer Advocate ( 1st program of its kind in NYC)





Certified Hemodialysis Tech.

NYC Department of Youth & Community Development (NYC –DYCD)

18-24 yrs.



Preparing the Workforce of Tomorrow for Careers in Technology and Cybersecurity





*4 yr. Strategies for Workforce Development – Aligning Credit and Non Credit programming through Data Analytics and Remedial Modeling. A study of the Indicators of Student Readiness (ISRs ) developmental model on A.A.S. degree candidates at BTECH

Capital One Foundation



*5 yr. CUNYTech Works: Develop enhanced curriculum for 5 IIT courses to satisfy employer skills and competencies; provide job internships and placements.

America's Promise DOL

A.A.S. degree candidates; BTECH HS grads; unemployed and underemployed adults

60 (Proj. avg. annual enrollment)


*CUNY 2020: Allied Healthcare and Economic Expansion. $10m funding to purchase building; partner with Healthcare Center; open allied healthcare training center and healthcare center; renovate biology tech lab on campus; establish free community programs with center and CUNY Law School.

NY State CUNY 2020 Governor's Economic & Workforce Development challenge

200 (Proj. avg. annual enrollment)

Campus Cultural Centers

Kupferberg Holocaust Center exterior lit up at nightOpens in a new window
Kupferberg Holocaust Center Opens in a new window

The KHC uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

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QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

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