Academic Fresh Start

The Academic Fresh Start (AFS) program provides an opportunity for students who have had a minimum 2-year separation from QCC to re-enroll without being penalized for past unsatisfactory academic performance.

Student Eligibility Requirements*:

  • Have been a freshman or transfer student at QCC.
  • Have been out of QCC for 2 or more years and have not attended any other schools since leaving QCC.
    • Students who fail to disclose information about college attendance may be subject to CUNY's policy on application fraud.
  • Have a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) below a 2.0 and otherwise not eligible to graduate.
  • Meet graduation feasibility after a review of earned credits and GPA recalculation.

*Students dismissed for Academic Dishonesty are not eligible for Academic Fresh Start. However, students that were academically dismissed (cumulative GPA that has fallen below the requirements) are eligible to apply for Academic Fresh Start.

Terms of the Academic Fresh Start:

  1. An Academic Fresh Start will be granted only once. Students cannot withdraw from all of their courses once Academic Fresh Start has been granted.
  2. Eligible students will be readmitted to the College in good academic standing. Students granted an Academic Fresh Start must maintain a minimum overall 2.0 GPA; those who fall below the required minimum are subject to the conditions of academic probation and dismissal that govern all
  3. All academic coursework will remain on the academic record and appear on the academic transcript; however, courses taken and previously failed will be excluded from the calculation of the GPA. Courses with C- and D grades will also be excluded from the calculation when a grade of C or better is required in the current major.
    1. Retained grades will be calculated in the Academic Fresh Start
    2. Courses with excluded C-, D or F grades must be repeated when they are required for the student's current program of study.
    3. The student is required to meet the QCC 30 credit residency requirement to graduate.
    4. The application of retained credit toward degree requirements will be based on the requirements currently in effect at the time of the academic fresh start approval.
    5. Previously satisfied proficiency requirements will not be forfeited
  4. Academic Fresh Start (AFS) will be applied to the student record after the withdrawal period has ended. The academic transcript will note that an Academic Fresh Start was granted and the date of the Academic Fresh Start.
  5. Students are required to readmit to the College as a matriculating student and pay a $20 readmission fee.
  6. If approved, students are required to meet with an academic advisor to develop an approved academic plan.
  7. Students must fulfill all degree requirements as outlined in the College catalog in effect at the time of readmission.
  8. Students who have been readmitted under Academic Fresh Start may not subsequently petition for any retroactive change to their academic records.
  9. Dismissal while on Academic Fresh Start is final and cannot be appealed.

Note (1): Admission or readmission into certain programs of study (e.g. Nursing, Massage Therapy) is not guaranteed under this policy, regardless of the student’s prior status in that program.

Note (2): This policy is independent of financial aid regulations. All coursework will still count in the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) calculation. Financial aid requirements at the time of application will apply. All students that are approved for Academic Fresh Start will meet with a Financial Aid representative at the time of advising.

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