Continuing Education Committee - Annual Report for 2018-19

TO:               Secretary, Academic Senate Steering Committee

FROM:            Committee on Pre- College, Continuing Education, & Workforce Development, Philip Nelan, Chairperson

SUBJECT:      Annual Report

DATE:            June 13, 2019

Former Committee Members: Rommel Robertson (Chairperson), Carol Goldfond (Secretary),

                                                       Mike Metaxas, Mary Ann Rosa, Alice Doyle, Weinjian Liu

2018-2019 Committee Members: Philip Nelan (Chairperson), Alison Cimino (Secretary),

                                                           Rommel Robertson, Weinjian Liu, Gabriel Lataianu (as of June 2019)

President’s Liaison:                            Denise Ward

COC Liaison:                                     OPEN

Steering Comm. Designee:                Joel Kuzsai

Student Representative:                      OPEN

Dates Met:                                        February 11, 2019; March 13, 2019; May 15, 2019

  • The committee met three times in Spring 2019. On February 11th, acting Committee Chair, Alice Doyel thanked the committee and respectfully resigned.  The committee then nominated and voted unanimously for Philip Nelan to serve as chairperson and Alison Cimino to serve as secretary.
  • Philip Nelan was elected the new committee chair (5-0). Alison Cimino was elected secretary (5-0).
  • The outgoing chair of committee expressed gratitude and appreciation to all members of the committee.
  • During our March 13th meeting, Committee Chair Philip Nelan opened the meeting and welcomed VP Ward to give the Annual Report.
  • VP Ward’s Update Report: 
    • Division Overview
      • Tuition-based programs
        • Runs 525 (approx.) courses and programs a year
        • Serves 14,500 students
        • Sectors: Personal Enrichment, Preparatory Skills, Professional Development, Pre-College
        • Budget: 1.2 M self-funded                                                                                   

VP Ward offered an overview of the programs available through Continuing Education

  • She expressed the importance of partnering with QCC campus faculty and working with faculty on grants, contracts and curriculum development and teaching.
  • Much of the programs come from a need expressed by the community. Workforce development in particular comes from the training needs expressed by business and community partners.  There are certificate trainings such as health and technology certificates.  Additionally, there are classes created out of a desire for the courses, such as the Chinese Academy for elementary school students learning Mandarin (780 students).
  • While not part of CUNY First, the programs create community exposure to the campus. Some high school students do undergraduate research and work with QCC faculty on research.
  • PCWD is self-funded, non-profit and pays a 17.5 excise tax to use the facility. .
  • Discussed assessment of PCWD programs
    • Programs assessed by specialists, Dean or VP Ward and by program managers who have become specialists or program coordinators.
    • Additional assessments approaches: Student evaluations, industry standards, observation of faculty, program feedback etc.

II. Grants/ Contracts: Pre-college and Workforce Development. 4.5 M in grants under administration currently.

                                    10 Grants currently under administration

New Programs for Summer 2019                                                                                                 

Personal Enrichment:

            Art History Series: Banned, Censored, Excoriated Art and the Art of Greece

Book Talks: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn and A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley

History Series: 1969 New York City: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Preparatory Skills Contract: ESL/GED K-12 SAT Prep/ Youth Program

Hempstead Schools District: ESL/HSE Preparatory Program



Journalism and the Political Art of Comics, Cultural Appreciation through Arts and Crafts

STEAM GAMES and Amusement Park Physics (game to incorporate art into robotics by working with someone from the Physics Dept.)


  • CUNY Start, Clip, College Now, and BTECH: In the progress of transferring to Dr. Michael Pullin, Assistant Dean, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Connect to College: Terminating program effective May 2019
  • New contract with Hempstead school system funded by the Pride Foundation, Working with Hempstead high school students to need CLIP, .
  • VP Ward will retire after SPRING 2019 semester
  • QCC Grants Dept. will be will operate under the direction Academic Affairs.

During our final meeting, May 15th, the committee held elections for 2019-2020 year. Philip Nelan was the only person nominated for  Chair of the committee. Alison Cimino was the only person nominated for Secretary of the committee. Member voted and the results were unanimous to maintain the same positions for chair and secretary.

Chair: (5-0) for Philip Nelan to be Chair

Secretary: (5-0) for Alison Cimino to be Secretary

  • The committee looks forward to working with the new Vice President of Pre-College and Continuing Education
  • We say goodbye to Dr. Rommel Robertson and thank him for all of his assistance in helping us transition to our new roles. Thank you, Rommel for a seamless transition.
  • We also say goodbye to Dr. Joel Kuszai as our Senate liaison and thank him for his kind support.
  • We welcome Dr. Agnieszka Tuszynska as our new Steering Committee Liaison.
  • We discussed the Academic Senate Committee and how helpful it was to have an overview of the meeting provide for Chair.
  • We also discussed the ideas that Alison & Agnieszka discussed of having an outreach for formerly incarcerated students and unanimously supported the idea and support the research for next year. The committee intends to discuss the proposal with the incoming Vice President next year.
  • The committee will seek the guidance from the Academic Steering Committee  in selecting a sixth  committee member to replace a committee member who left prior to the end of their term. Additionally, we will explore the need to add a student representative to the committee.

Addendum Recommendations from the Steering Committee:

After meeting with President Lynch and VP Newcomb, The Steering Committee recommends that the Pre-College, Continuing Ed and Workforce Development Committee consider dividing the committee into two committees: Pre- College being a stand-alone committee and Continuing Ed and Workforce Development as another committee.  The rationale behind this thought process is to generate greater awareness of all the different programs within the Pre-College area so that the committees may vote on them in a timely fashion.












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