Faculty Biography - Weier Ye

headshot of Dr. Weier Ye

English Department, Humanities Building, Room H428

Email: wye@qcc.cuny.edu

Dr. Weier Ye is an Associate Professor of English as a Second Language. In China, Dr. Ye studied English language and literature, for which he received a B.A. from Zhejiang University. He completed a portion of his postgraduate studies in English teaching methodology at South China Normal University and taught English reading and writing courses at the college level for over ten years. After coming to the United States in 1998, he pursued an M.A. in TESOL at Long Island University - C.W. Post Campus. Before coming to Queensborough, he taught ESL and non-ESL reading and writing courses for 5 years at Professional Business College in downtown Manhattan. He received his Ph.D. in Composition & TESOL from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is happy to be part of the English team and loves working with his students.

In general, Dr. Ye’s main research interests include cohesion and coherence in text linguistics, second language writing, contrastive rhetoric, and modern Chinese rhetorical values. He is particularly interested in researching the effect of various cultural factors on native Chinese speakers’ studying English as well as their learning processes with the intention of addressing methods writing teachers may employ to acculturate second language writers into an American style of written discourse.

As a teacher of writing and reading, Dr. Ye is a facilitator, a motivator, and a collaborator. His primary goal, regardless of his students’ race, religion, creed, national origin or ethnicity, is to teach English to students whose dominant form of communication is in a language other than English in a manner that allows them to become proficient in English.


  • Recipient of the PSC-CUNY 44 Research Award entitled: Are There Any Differences in Summary Writing between ESL and Native English-speaking Students Taking Physics Courses? July 2013 – June 2014.
  • Recipient of the QCC Pedagogical Research Challenging Grant Award entitled: A Co-teaching Interdisciplinary Approach to Student Learning: Enhanced Conceptual Understanding via Summarizing Strategies. July 2013 – June 2014.


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