English Faculty E-mail List

Akst, Leslie – Lakst@qcc.cuny.edu

Alvarado, Rodney – Ralvarado@qcc.cuny.edu

Alvarez, Alex – Aalvarez@qcc.cuny.edu

Alves, Kathleen – Kalves@qcc.cuny.edu

Anderst, Leah – Landerst@qcc.cuny.edu

Atik, Aliza – Aatik@qcc.cuny.edu

Bhehaspat, Ashley – Abhehaspat@qcc.cuny.edu

Budd, Susan – Sbudd@qcc.cuny.edu

Byas, TrikartikaningsihTbyas@qcc.cuny.edu

Camporeale, James – Jcamporeale@qcc.cuny.edu

Carroll, Julia – Jcarroll@qcc.cuny.edu

Cercone, Alisa – Acercone@qcc.cuny.edu

Chan, Lionel – Lichan@qcc.cuny.edu

Che, Charissa – Cche@qcc.cuny.edu

Cimino, Alison – Acimino@qcc.cuny.edu

Corona, Raquel – Rcorona@qcc.cuny.edu

Counihan, Beth – Bcounihan@qcc.cuny.edu

Crapanzano, Patrick – Pcrapanzano@qcc.cuny.edu

Denbo, Elise – Edenbo@qcc.cuny.edu

Dennihy, Melissa – Mdennihy@qcc.cuny.edu

Diaz, Noelia – Ndiaz@qcc.cuny.edu

Dolabaille, Damon – Ddolabaille@qcc.cuny.edu

Dolan, Michael – Mdolan@qcc.cuny.edu

Dukes, Joan – Jdukes@qcc.cuny.edu

Dupre, Joan – Jodupre@qcc.cuny.edu

Edlin, Margot – Medlin@qcc.cuny.edu

Elias, Barbara – Belias@qcc.cuny.edu

Emanuele, Barbara – Bemanuele@qcc.cuny.edu

Ford, Robin – Rford@qcc.cuny.edu

Fragopoulos, George – Gfragopoulos@qcc.cuny.edu

Geasor, James – Jgeasor@qcc.cuny.edu

Geritano, Frank – Fgeritano@qcc.cuny.edu

Goldsman, Ilene – Igoldsman@qcc.cuny.edu

Hickey, Patricia – Phickey@qcc.cuny.edu

Hock, Susan – Shock@qcc.cuny.edu

Holder-Gibbs, Laura – Lholdergibbs@qcc.cuny.edu

Humphries, David – Dhumphries@qcc.cuny.edu

Izzo, Danielle – Dizzo@qcc.cuny.edu

Jacobowitz, Susan – Sjacobowitz@qcc.cuny.edu

Jean Francois, Joan – Jjeanfrancois@qcc.cuny.edu

Kabir, Md – Mkabir@qcc.cuny.edu

Kapuscinski, Scott – Skapuscinski@qcc.cuny.edu

Katz, Zivah – Zkatz@qcc.cuny.edu

Kemmerer, Arlene – Akemmerer@qcc.cuny.edu

Kenney, James – Jkenney@qcc.cuny.edu

Kreitler, Brandon – Bkreitler@qcc.cuny.edu

Kuszai, Joel – Jkuszai@qcc.cuny.edu

Kwok, Lily – Lkwok@qcc.cuny.edu

Lago, Susan – Slago@qcc.cuny.edu

Lane, Cary – Clane@qcc.cuny.edu

Leary, Chris- CLeary@qcc.cuny.edu

Lintz, Sharon – Slintz@qcc.cuny.edu

Mann, Gene – Gmann@qcc.cuny.edu

Martinez, Manuel – Mamartinez@qcc.cuny.edu

McAlear, Robert - RMcAlear@qcc.cuny.edu

Messier, Vartan – Vmessier@qcc.cuny.edu

Miller, Ben – Bmiller@qcc.cuny.edu

Moretti, Joan – Jmoretti@qcc.cuny.edu

Murley, Jean – Jmurley@qcc.cuny.edu

Murray, Cara – Cmurray@qcc.cuny.edu

Nisbett, Gwendolyn – Gnisbett@qcc.cuny.edu

O'Donnell, Holly – Hodonnell@qcc.cuny.edu

Paliwoda, Daniel – Dpaliwoda@qcc.cuny.edu

Papa, Kristina – Kpapa@qcc.cuny.edu

Parker, Vincent – Vparker@qcc.cuny.edu

Patel, Sanjay – Spatel@qcc.cuny.edu

Persaud, Nirvani – Npersaud@qcc.cuny.edu

Petrone, Richard – Rpetrone@qcc.cuny.edu

Peyer, Valerie – Vpeyer@qcc.cuny.edu

Powell, Elisa – Epowell@qcc.cuny.edu

Prinz, Marc – Mprinz@qcc.cuny.edu

Ramjerdi, Jan – Jramjerdi@qcc.cuny.edu

Reesman, Linda – Lreesman@qcc.cuny.edu

Reilly, Michael – Mcreilly@qcc.cuny.edu

Ridinger-Dotterman, Angela – Aridingerdotterman@qcc.cuny.edu

Rochford, Regina – Rrochford@qcc.cuny.edu

Rothman, David – Drothman@qcc.cuny.edu

Rothman, Tammi – Trothman@qcc.cuny.edu

Ryan, William – Wryan@qcc.cuny.edu

Salerni, Paul – Psalerni@qcc.cuny.edu

Schiebe, Mark – Mschiebe@qcc.cuny.edu

Schneider, Jordan – Jschneider@qcc.cuny.edu

Schrynemakers, Ilse – Ischrynemakers@qcc.cuny.edu

Schwortz, Benyonne – Bschwortz@qcc.cuny.edu

Sedita, Joseph – Jsedita@qcc.cuny.edu

Sexton, Danny – Dsexton@qcc.cuny.edu

Shahar, Jed – Jshahar@qcc.cuny.edu

Shameem, Madiha – Mshameem@qcc.cuny.edu

Sharma, Abha – Asharma@qcc.cuny.edu

Sherringham, Beverly – Bsherringham@qcc.cuny.edu

Shimkin, David – Dshimkin@qcc.cuny.edu

Simmons, Karen – Ksimmons@qcc.cuny.edu

Simon, Heather – Hsimon@qcc.cuny.edu

Smith, Kerri-Ann – Ksmith@qcc.cuny.edu

Starke, Lauren – Lstarke@qcc.cuny.edu

Talbird, John – Jtalbird@qcc.cuny.edu

Tayson, Richard – Rtayson@qcc.cuny.edu

Tilley, Brigitte – Btilley@qcc.cuny.edu

Toohey, Elizabeth – Etoohey@qcc.cuny.edu

Tuszynska, Agnieszka – Atuszynska@qcc.cuny.edu

Wadia, Kate – Kwadia@qcc.cuny.edu

Warsi, Jilani – Jwarsi@qcc.cuny.edu

Weathersby, Irvin – Iweathersby@qcc.cuny.edu

White, Sybil – Sywhite@qcc.cuny.edu

Williams, Stephanie – Swilliams@qcc.cuny.edu

Ye, Weier – Wye@qcc.cuny.edu

Yi, John – Jyi@qcc.cuny.edu

Zhelezcheva, Tanya – Tzhelezcheva@qcc.cuny.edu


Campus Cultural Centers

Kupferberg Holocaust Center exterior lit up at nightOpens in a new window
Kupferberg Holocaust Center Opens in a new window

The KHC uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

Russian Ballet performing at the Queensborough Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window
QPAC: Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window

QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

Queensborough Art Gallery exterior in the afternoonOpens in a new window
QCC Art Gallery

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.