Committee on Academic Development/Elective Academic Programs

Annual Report for 2019-20

Annual Report for the Committee on Academic Development/Elective Academic Programs for 2019/2020


Telephone: 718-281-5274




MEMBERS (2019-2020)

Rezan Akpinar, Health, Physical Education and Dance

Joanne Chang, Music

Merlinda Drini, Engineering Technology

David Pham, Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Taibu, Rex, Physics

Renee Rhodd, Academic Affairs

Susan Riekert, Nursing

Ilse Schrynemakers, English

Michael Pullin, Academic Affairs, President's Liaison 

There were no student representatives attending meetings.


The committee members met eight (8) times during 2019-2020: September 4h, 2019, October 30th, 2019, November 27th, 2019, December 11th, 2019, February 4th, 2020 and March 4th, 2020, April 7th, 2020, May 13th, 2020


All agenda, minutes, and year-end reports have been updated on the college website for  the academic period of 2019-2020 by the Chairperson, Dr. Rezan Akpinar.


a) E-Learning Committee: The ADEAP Committee was approached by the E-learning committee during the Spring 2019 semester to change/restructure student evaluation forms for Fully online (FNET) and Partially online (PNET) courses. The Chairperson of the Committee on E-Learning, Dr. Zeynep Akcay, was invited to our October 30th, 2019 meeting during the Fall 2019 semester. 

Dr. Akcay explained that evaluation forms that are used for normal classes, or fully online classes were not appropriate for PNET courses. Student faculty evaluation forms were not able to reflect faculty performance. Samples of the evaluation forms were provided to the committee members. ADEAP committee members will be working with the E-Learning Committee in the modification of the Student Evaluation Forms. Through our collaboration, the following steps were established:

(a)Committee on E-Learning will provide requested changes;  

(b)These requests will be put in to the Spring 2020 Survey of the faculty, to establish faculty position on the proposed changes.

(c)Both committee will make sure to act according to the guidelines of Steering Committee of the Academic Senate.

The Committee on E-Learning has reached out to QCC resources as well as other CUNY schools for guidance on Pnet student course evaluations. Committee  has created a preliminary student evaluation form for Pnet courses which will be finalized by the upcoming semester. Due to changes that took place within the learning environment per Covid 19 Spring 2020 survey did not have any questions on Pnet evaluations. With the elections in the Fall 2020 semester Dr. Akcay is no longer on the E-Learning Committee, we will reach out to the new Chairperson during the upcoming Fall 2020 semester.We would like to thank Dr. Akcay and E-Learning committee members for their hard work, and we are looking forward to working together in the future. 

b)Subcommittee on Accessibility: The ADEAP committee was approached by Dr. Urciuoli, Vice Chair of the Steering Committee of the Academic Senate, per Dr. Landy’s suggestion to collaborate with Subcommittee on Accessibility. Upon reviewing charges of the subcommittee on Accessibility, ADEAP committee members were glad to collaborate with the Accessibility committee. Dr. Rezan Akpinar reached out to Professor Angela Ridinger-Dotterman and attended the subcommittee’s February 5th, 2020 meeting.

The Subcommittee on Accessibility will provide question and suggestions for the Fall 2020 faculty survey.

c) Committee Guide: “A Guide for Committee on Academic Development/Elective Academic Programs” had the index portion missing on the college website which has been updated.  

d) Faculty Development Workshops:

The Academic Development Committee sponsored the following workshops:

 - Let’s Talk about Writing: Workshop on Grant Writing and Scholarly Publications.This workshop was scheduled for March 12th, 2020 but was postponed per the closure of the school due to Covid 19.

- Let’s Talk about Writing: Workshop on Grant Writing and Scholarly Publications Virtual was scheduled for April 29th 2020 – The workshop was again postponed for the Fall semester by Academic Affairs. 

The Academic Development Committee co-sponsored the following workshops:

-Through Mindfulness by Dr. Rezan Akpinar- 12/11/19

- Meditation and Self Care by Dr. Rezan Akpinar – 3/25/2020

- Under Graduate Brown Bag Lunch Discussion - 11/13/19.

- CETL sponsored events were co-sponsored

Student Development Workshops:

The Academic Development Committee co-sponsored fourteen (14) Frank Egan Memorial Lectures sponsored by the Health Physical Education and Dance Department and Health Services.

The Academic Development Committee co-sponsored a workshop titled “Mindfulness in Daily Life” with Facilitator Joanne Chang and Rezan Akpinar for Asian Heritage Month April 22nd, 2020 through the Mindfulness Club.

The Academic Development Committee co-sponsored “Acupressure and Self Care” facilitator R. Akpinar April 8th, 2020 through the Mindfulness Club


Student Evaluation of Faculty – Faculty Survey – Accessibility:

The Academic Development and Elective Academic Programs Committee was working on a Survey to be sent out to the faculty in Spring of 2020, however, due to circumstances beyond our control the survey date was pushed back to the Summer 2020 session. Dr. David Pham prepared the survey questions with ADEAP committee members input. The survey was administered between June 18th, 2020 to July 8th, 2020. Dr. Victor Fichera of the Office of Institutional Research is currently analyzing the results of that survey.Dr. Akpinar is working with him in the qualitative portion of the survey. Survey results will be posted onto the website as soon as reports are available. There were two hundred and eleven (211) respondents.


The survey is comprised of:

(a) Faculty needs in online teaching, experiences and style of teaching;

(b) Faculty development workshop interests;

(c) Student evaluation forms – faculty feedback; and

(d) Faculty needs in accessibility.




Rezan Akpinar, Health, Physical Education and Dance

Joanne Chang, Music

Rondi Davies, Department of Biological Sciences and Geology

Melisa Dennihy, English Department

Crystal Moscat, Academic Advisement

David Pham, Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Susan Riekert, Nursing

Rex Taibu, Physics

Renee Rhodd, Academic Affairs

Michael Pullin, Academic Affairs, President's Liaison



On May 13th, 2020, elections for Chairperson and Secretary were held. Elections were held by online voting. The seven (7) voting committee members were present.

 (a) Chairperson: 7 votes for Rezan Akpinar

 (b) Co-Chair: 7 votes for Renee Rhodd

 (c) Secretary: 7 votes for Crystal Moscat



The committee members propose the following action plan for 2020-2021:

a) The committee will continue to review, evaluate, and report to the Academic Senate on the system of student evaluation of faculty.

b) The committee will work with the E-Learning Committee to establish guidelines for Student evaluation forms for PNET courses.

c) The committee will share findings on Accessibility with the Sub-Committee on Accessibility – will collaborate in the development of workshops for the faculty.

d) The committee is currently working with CETL in arranging a workshop in Improving Student Engagement in Online Teaching. This subject was requested by the faculty per the preliminary results of the Faculty Survey administered June 18th, 2020. The committee will continue to collaborate with CETL and the Office of Academic Affairs to promote and expand on faculty and student development programs.


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