Annual Report of the Committee on Annual Report Bylaws Committee

To: Steering Committee, Academic Senate

From: Chair, Committee on Bylaws

Date: 8/22/2021


  1. Golebiewska, Urszula -- Biology (2021) - chair

  2. Ferrari-Bridgers, Franca – Speech and Theatre (2021) - secretary

  3. Garbin, Daniel, Mathematics & CS (2022)

  4. Ye, Weier, English (2023)

  5. Lam, Raymond, Engineering Technology (2023)

  6. Litroff, Scott, Music (2023)


1. Francis, Leslie - Steering Committee Designee
2. Larios, Liza, Dean, Human Resources and Labor Relations - President's Designee

Membership Composition Changes

Term Ended 2021

Ferrari-Bridgers, Franca

Golebiewska, Urszula 

New members are:

Rome, Barbara

Tawde, Mangala

Committee Meeting Dates

During Academic Year 2020-2021 the Bylaws committee met via zoom on: September 23, 2020, October 21, 2020, November 11, 2020, December 02, 2020, March 10, 2021, April 14, 2021 and May 12, 2021.

Narrative summary of committee work

In the Fall of 2020 the Bylaws Committee focused on updating the Comittee Guide to reflect changes regarding the composition of the committee and the lenght of terms. Raymond Lam generated a Microsoft Team Document that could be edited by all the mebers. All Committee Members Contributed to the updates. 

In September the Committee discussed a proposal from the Committee on Library regarding update to the charges, and sent series of questions to the Committee on Library. The Library Committee addressed all of the questions and sent updated charges for consideration. The Committee on Bylaws approved the changes during the December 2nd 2020 meeting, subsequently the changes were approved by the Academic Senate.

The Committee recieved followng request from the Steering Commitee: “Work on creating an internal repository or database that entails all new and former bylaws that have been approved by the Academic Senate so we can easily find when changes have been made to the Senate Bylaws.” The Committee invited David Moretti to discuss creation of such an item on the webpage of the Committee. David Moretti joined us for the December 2nd meeting.

We could not reach via email the students appointed to our committee. Scott Litroff volunteer to work with Gisela Rivera on ways to increase student participation in the work of the Committee. 

The Committee completed the self Assessment form during the April 14th meeting. 

At the May 12th 2021 meeting we voted on the proposal from the Committee on Admissions; the name change proposal was approved and the Monthly Report sent to the Steering Committee. 

During the May 12th meeting the Committee held elections for the new Chairperson and Secretary Scott Litroff and Raymond Lam were elected respectively.

Assigned Committee work as per Bylaws Charge/Strategic Plan/Middle States Items/ or Actions of the Academic Senate

1-update of the Committee Guide - completed

2-change of charges of the Library Committee - completed 

3-change of name of the Admission Committee - approved, sent to the Steering Committee

Committee Responses towards Steering Committee Charges

1-update of the Committee Guide - completed

2-change of charges of the Library Committee - approved

3-change of name of the Admission Committee - approved

4-repository of approved changes - in progress

5-assessment - completed

Recommendations for Next Academic Year

The committee will work to increase participation of students

The committee will continue to work on the repository of approved changes to the Bylaws

New Committee Members – newly elected Chair and Secretary

Chairperson, Dr. Scott Litroff, and

Secretary, Dr. Raymon Lam


Thank you to Franca Ferrari-Bridgers and Urszula Golebiewska

Respectfully Submitted,
Urszula Golebiewska - chair

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