Committee on Budget Advisement Minutes for May 15, 2019


The Academic Senate Committee on Committee on Budget Advisement met on Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Committee Members in Attendance:

Members: Philip Pecorino, Jannette Urciuoli, David Lieberman,

President’s Designee: Sherri Newcomb

Invited Guest: VP William Faulkner


The meeting was called to order at 4pm

  1. Attendance was taken
  2. Agenda was approved
  3. Minutes of meeting 10-25-18 were approved
  4. Review of FY2019 College Financial Plan in the report from College’s chief officer for Finance and Administration: Vice President William Faulkner
  5. City University Budget Office Mid-Year Report

Discussion of need for long term thinking and planning and contingencies for drops in enrollment. 

  1. QCC Plan to deal with the Budget Challenge

SVP Newcomb presented an update regarding the fiscal year 2019–20 (FY 20) budget. QCC has experienced a gradual decline in enrollment over the past few years, followed by a more precipitous decline in enrollment in the spring of 2019. A decline in enrollment impacts our revenues in two primary ways: lower tuition and fee revenue, and a reduction in state budgetary support, which is allocated on a per full-time equivalent student (FTES) basis. In addition, during this period of enrollment decline, QCC increased full-time faculty hiring significantly, adding 48 new full-time faculty positions since FY 16. The traditional allocation formula for CUNY community colleges would have prescribed a reduction in the number of faculty positions, commensurate with the decline in enrollment.  QCC has also been notified of a planned City budget reduction, and must also plan to fund a portion of the faculty instructional workload reduction that is considered to be at the discretion of the College.

As a result of these factors, QCC has been planning for a budget reduction of up to 10% for FY 20 (excluding specially-funded programs such as ASAP). Central budgets for OTPS will be reduced significantly, numerous vacant positions will not be filled, and each division has been asked to create plans and impact statements regarding various possible FY 20 budget scenarios. These budget plans are being prepared now, positioning QCC for further consultation and to finalize the FY 20 budget once the official QCC budget has been determined by the University later in the summer.

The full brunt of those factors is to be felt in the 20-21 year.

New York State reduced the support by @$1million and next year even further

New York City will institute the PEG –Program to eliminate the Gap with a reduction of $700k at QCC.

QCC cannot reduce separate programs such as ASAP, CUNYSTART,

QCC needs to be concerned about enrollment.   The unexpected decline in Spring 2019 of @6% in enrollment resulted in loss of @$2million for the College Budget.

QCC can reduce the number of temporary employees but cannot reduce student services including those that enroll and retain students

NYC MOE for CUNY is @$135 million and @$35million of that for the Community Colleges

There is a need for @$35million for the teaching load reduction

QCC PLAN to close the GAP

  1. --@$1million Positions-from reductions in admin and faculty (@3 faculty)

Admin, B&G, VP Ward, KS, non-teaching adjuncts

  1. --@$1million Attrition in Positions in faculty and Administrators
  2. --@$1million in overtime budget –mostly B&G that would involve in part a change ion schedule of services
  3. --@$1.5 million Central OTPS-reduction in renovations and remodeling
  4. -@$0.25 million from the Auxiliary, overspending on CLIP-recovery from CUNY
  5. --@$2million Spending the Reserve down to 1% and then replace it
  6. --@$5million--reductions in hourly non-teaching budget with $4million in hourly CA positons
  7. --$0.15 million from Academic Departments
  1. Members were asked to review UFS-CUNY Best Practices for Budget Consultations
  2. UFS Resolution on NY State Budget for SUNY and CUNY was presented for information only
  3. Times for the meetings of the committee each year in Oakland Loggia
  • Wednesday, February 20, 2019 4 to 5pm
  • Wednesday, May 15 , 2019       4 to 5pm
  • Wednesday, August 28, 2019   4 to 5pm
  • Wednesday, October 30, 2019 9 to 10 am
  1. Agenda items for the future meetings of the Committee
  2. Faculty Travel Resources and distribution over the last three years
  3. College Request for the Surplus Funds of the AEC
  4. Old Business
  5. New Business


QCC Academic Senate Committee on Budget Advisement

one (1) representative from the Steering Committee of the Academic Senate; one (1) representative from the Budget Committee of the College Personnel and Budget Committee/Committee of Chairs; one (1) representative from the Faculty Executive Committee;  one (1) representative from Student Government

The Committee on Budget Advisement shall:

  1. Meet, on at least a bi-annual basis, with the College’s chief officer for Finance and Administration to discuss college budgetary matters;
  2. Serve in an advisory capacity to the President on matters of the College budget in its entirety including the Resource Allocation Process;
  3. Hold any college budget documents circulated in meetings as confidential;
  4. Report to the College Advisory Planning Committee (CAPC) and the Academic Senate concerning budgetary conditions, and any recommendations regarding the budget and/or the budget allocation process at Queensborough Community College

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