The Academic Senate Committee on Senate Committee on Cultural and Archival Resources met on March 04, 2020 12:15pm (online)

Committee Members in Attendance:

Attending:, Susan Agin, Huixin(Maritza) Wu, Tanya Zhelezcheva, Hsiaofang (Sharon) Huang, Madeline Ruggiero, Jose Osorio, Nathaniel Sullivan, Adam Luedtke 

Liaisons in Attendance:

Liaison for Committee on Committees: Kebedech Tekleab

Steering Committee Designee: Carlene Byfield


The meeting was called to order at 12:15pm

Attendance and greetings

Review and approve minutes from December 8, 2020 meeting

  • Approved (Adam makes and seconds motion)
Reports from cultural center directors

QPAC: Susan Agin

  • QPAC has completely overhauled its programming and has learned how to deliver it remotely.
  • Created QPAC LIVE! a streaming, entertainment broadcast, and has continued to present quality, diversified, live entertainment every week with appearances by award-winning performers such as Ben Vereen and Keith David. To date, its broadcasts have been viewed over 97,000 times, on Facebook, YouTube and on Queens Public Television
  • QPAC is continuing to partner with QCC faculty members to explore how to create engaging, inclusive, and learning-rich virtual programs. These virtual collaborations can be seen on QPAC Live:
  • A three part student film festival: 
    • Student film festival collaboration with faculty. Students used families as actors and many of the film dealt with mental health issues, an issue that keeps coming up for our students (and faculty) during the pandemic
    • The night featured a Q&A with student directors, along with premieres 
  • A live, virtual adaptation of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House:
    • 7 English classes are reading Dolls house, integrating with curriculum
  • QPAC is collaborating with the KHC to bring two of their spring programs to a broader and more diverse live audience. These programs are: La Convivencia: Exploring Sephardic Music’s Traditions of Peace and Coexistence, Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 12:10pm and A Prisoner’s Voice: Poetry of Psychological Resistance, Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 12:00pm. Both of these programs will be streamed live on the QPAC Live’s platform.
  • QPAC continues to administer and facilitate the programs funded by the City Council, for which QPAC received $181,500 for use in FY21. The programs are being delivered virtually, and include professional workshops, after-school projects, student development and community building activities. These programs include:
    • Two Cultural After-School Adventures programs
    • A weekend Gotta Dance workshop series
    • A Dance Enrichment workshop series for QCC students
    • A Broadway workshop initiative in which students from PS139Q will train under Broadway professionals, who reflect the diversity of the borough, to produce their own virtual school musical.
  • Set in motion a partnership with City Council members to launch a socially distant drive-in concert series which will take place May – June at The Bay Terrace Shopping Center. The dates for these programs are May 23, Jun 27, July 25.
  • Oversight continues over the progress of the theater’s ADA construction project, to ensure a seamless transition for both internal and external uses upon its completion. Hopeful for a January completion date

KHC (from submitted notes)

KHC Spring 2021 Programming Summary:

  • Continuing to do a lot of partnerships across campus, as well as with other
  • Holocaust centers across the country which, in turn, has greatly expanded our audience
  • On January 27, 2021 we organized the first ever New York regional event with five other Holocaust centers commemorating International Holocaust. Remembrance Day. Dr. Mangino offered opening remarks
  • Launching a new series with QCC's Museum & Gallery Studies program called "Human Rights and the Museum" that continues our commitment to connecting Holocaust education and exhibition development with representing diverse voices
  • Collaborating with Heather Huggins in the Theater department on two events integrating peace building, body movement, and theater which is sponsored by CUNY's Transformative Learning in the Humanities Initiative
  • Hosting 14 virtual events, all of which are being recorded. Students are better able to engage with the programming when they can access the events anytime and anywhere. Link to upcoming events:
  • Created new website page to find links to recorded events:
  • Upcoming event: 3/17/2021:KHC partnering with the Music Department, QPAC, and Columbia University’s Harriman Institute to host a performance by two Bosnian musicians: La Convivencia: Exploring Sephardic Music’s Traditions of Peace and Coexistence
  • Collaboration with QCC’s Common Read has been very successful and we’re starting to think about doing the same next year. CR kick-off event::
  • The KHC-CETL Professional Development Series is continuing this semester with 12 faculty members participating; the emphasis is on developing student assignments. Next year and the tentative theme is human rights & genocide educationThe current KHC-NEH Colloquium has two more events scheduled this semester; previous ones have also been recorded:
  • Lecture featuring Andrea Pitzer, a journalist and author, whose lecture is about her book, One Long Night: Creating A Concentration Camp Society, has been viewed over 6,500 times
  • The next KHC-NEH Colloquium will invite back three more faculty members who’ve led the program in previous years. Despite the program having funding, the College is not able to offer full course release
  • Paid KHC internship program is thriving and will post the summer 2021 call for applications in April 2021
  • Currently have five curatorial interns (four of whom are QCC students) reviewing our past exhibitions to update the research, as well as to make them more engaging
  • One curatorial fellow developing a library guide related to last year’s Turtle Island exhibition and related 2018-19 colloquium on Native American survival and resistance
  • After much debate, decided against creating virtual tours of the current exhibition. Instead, hosting two events about related topics featuring QCC professors Danny Sexton (3/24 on LGBTQI+ people in the concentration camps) and Azadeh Aalai (4/7 on gender and the concentration camps)

Chair’s report and discussions

Next steps in view of Fall 2021 teaching format?

  • Adam: Nothing official on the modality for fall - which complicates schedules, programming and curriculum. We are in a wait and see mode. So much up in the air. Adam chooses to see things more optimistically, but is reluctant to plan anything solid just yet.
  • Susan: We have to relearn how to be together again. The drive in concerts are a small step to normalize social relations and having a collective experience again. Social anxiety is on the rise, how do we counteract this?
  • Adam: Next steps: Meg will attend once we know our modality for fall.

Specific charges from the Academic Senate Steering Committee

  • Report to the Academic Senate on the donation of all art and design objects for the campus, as well as all grants and funding received by the QCC Art Gallery, the Performing Arts Center (QPAC) and the Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archvies (KHRCA). Bianca, Tanya, Jose contact center directors for more information.
  • Build the Institutional Repository at QCC-CUNY for the purpose of storing scholarship artifacts by faculty who have utilized the QPAC, the KHRCA, and the QCC Art Gallery.
  • Ensure that works are saved in the Scholarly Works category, with tags and meta-tags for easy search on Google and other search engines (Heather, Morna, Kathleen)
  • Provide teaching resources for the campus community, advocate teaching pedagogy that utilizes the resources of Gallery, KHRCA, and QPAC through venues such as committee website (Nathaniel)
  • Review and revise, as needed and in consultation with the Steering Committee:
    • Committee Guidebook (Adam)
    • Assess committee by Bylaws charges and steering committee charges (Adam)

Scheduling the next meeting (CETL, electing new officers, etc.)

  • Next meeting will be in April 
  • Electing new officers
  • Meg from CETL will be present, as we will know then more about the teaching modality for the fall.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:35pm

Respectfully submitted,

Nathaniel Sullivan
Committee on Senate Committee on Cultural and Archival Resources, Secretary

Minutes typed on March 02, 2021

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