Annual Report of the Committee on Committee on Computer Resources

To: Steering Committee, Academic Senate

From: Chair, Committee on Committee on Computer Resources

Date: October 3, 2020


2019-2020 Membership

  • Faculty Membership
    1. Armstrong, Daniel, Health and Physical Education (2022)
    2. Bellovary, Jill, Physics (2021)
    3. Bordoni, Adrian, Social Sciences (2021)
    4. Cesarano, Michael, Speech Communications (2020)
    5. Funk, Jonathan, Mathematics & Computer Sciences (2022)
    6. Keogh, Timothy, History (2020) 
    7. Koul, Sanjay, Biological Sciences (2022)
    8. Moretti, David, Marketing & Communications (2021)
    9. Sun, Joanne, Engineering Technology (2022)
  • Student Membership
    1. Lloyd Pierre
    2. Vacant
    3. Vacant


  1. Andrew Bulawa, Mathematics and Computer Science, Steering Committee Designee
  2. Jed Shahar (Steering Committee Liaison)
  3. Lucien Makalanda (Steering Committee Liaison)
  4. Julia Rothenberg (COC Liaison)
  5. Bill Faulkner, VP Finance and Administration, President's Liaison

Membership Composition Changes

2018-2019 Membership

  • Faculty Membership
    1. Cesarano, Michael, Speech Communications (2020)
    2. Spencer, Cheryl, Nursing (2020)
    3. Keogh, Timothy, History (2020) 
    4. Bellovary, Jill, Physics (2021)
    5. Bordoni, Adrian, Social Sciences (2021)
    6. Moretti, David, Marketing & Communications (2021)
    7. Koul, Sanjay, Biological Sciences (2020)
  • Student Memberships
    1. Lin Rong
    2. Kyle Enriquez
    3. Chanele Rodriguez
  • Liaisons
    1. Christine Mooney, Business, COC Liaison
    2. Lucien Makalanda, Mathematics and Computer Science, Steering Committee Designee
    3. Jed Shahar, English, Steering Committee Designee
    4. Bill Faulkner, VP Finance and Administration, President's Liaison

Committee Meeting Dates

The Committee met four times during the year, two times each semester (10/23/2019, 11/20/2019, 2/19/2020, 4/8/2020)

Narrative summary of committee work

  1. The Committee produced its annual newsletter with articles about online teaching, including necessary equipment, Voicethread, testing issues, and student discussion via Discord
  2. The Committee hosted its annual certified lab technician (CLT) forum in the spring (2/19/2020). Virtualization was discussed, as was the role of CLTs in faculty governance and the need for CLT specific training opportunities like that available to teaching faculty.
  3. Chair Tim Keogh attended Student Tech Fee Committee meetings
  4. Dave Moretti updated representative information on the Committee website

Assigned Committee work as per Bylaws Charge/Strategic Plan/Middle States Items/ or Actions of the Academic Senate

Charges for 2019-2020.

  1. The Committee will continue to meet two to three times per semester.
  2. The Committee will continue to produce its annual newsletter.
  3. The Committee will continue to host CLT forums once per semester to consult with CLTs and bring them together to collaborate across different departments.
  4. Chair will serve on the Student Tech Fee Committee.
  5. The Committee will pursue the idea of virtual machines across campus,and consider how to address virtualization with administrators at QCC and CUNY.
  6. The Committee will continue to update its website.

Committee Responses towards Steering Committee Charges

Steering Committee Charges to review and revise the committee guide, in consultation with Steering Committee was deferred in lieu of focus on CLT issues and pandemic-related closure of campus

Recommendations for Next Academic Year

  • Work with CLTs and administration to offer CLT specific training opportunities and CLT coordinated workshops
  • Consider the role of CLTs in faculty governance
  • Possibly re-imagine the purpose of the committee in lieu of the shift to online teaching, as per the committee guide revision


  • David Moretti, Daniel Armstrong, Adrian Bordoni, Jillian Bellovary, and Joann Sum all deserve credit for researching, interviewing, and writing useful articles for the annual newsletter. David Moretti also deserves an extra acknowledgement for bringing the need for CLT training and peer workshops to the CLT forum this year.

Respectfully Submitted,
Tim Keogh

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