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Annual Report for 2019-20



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TO: Dr. Steven Dahlke, Chairperson  Dr. Jannette Urciuoli, Vice-Chairperson  Dr. Zivah Perel Katz, Secretary  Dr. Leslie Francis, Parliamentarian

FROM: Dr. Fei YE, Chair - Committee on Course & Standing.

SUBJECT: Annual Report for Committee on Course & Standing for 2019-2020


Committee Members in the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Starting the 2019-2020 academic year, the following former committee members left the committee: Daniel Armstrong, Health Phys. Ed. & Dance; Susan Riekert, Nursing; Rose-Marie Aikas, Social Science; Katwicia Desruisseaux College Discovery; Kathleen Wentrack, Art & Design.

The following members was assigned to the Committee on Course & Standing by the Steering Committee: Arthur Abramov, Academic Advisement; Wendy Ford, Business; Neera Mohess, Library; Michael Lawrence, Engineering Techology; Gina Capozzoli, Counseling Center. Gina Capozzoli is also the Steering Committee Designee.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, the following committee members maintained active roles:

  • Ye, Fei, Mathematics & Computer Science (2020)
  • Stroehlein, Margaret, Nursing (2020)
  • McLaughlin, Susan, Biological Sciences & Geology (2020)
  • Lawrence, Michael, Engineering Techology (2021)
  • Marchese, Paul, Physics (2021)
  • Capozzoli, Gina, Counseling Center (2021)
  • Abramov, Arthur, Academic Advisement (2022)
  • Ford, Wendy, Business (2022)
  • Mohess, Neera, Library (2022)

Elected by committee members, Fei Ye served the chair and Neera Mohess served the secretary for the committee.


Typical Tasks of the Committee

The Committee on Course & Standing meets to review student appeals for changing their ‘WU’ grades which are calculated as ‘F’ grades in their academic record. The appeals are approved or denied based upon the reasons and proofs provided by students who are unable to withdraw within the official withdrawal deadline. The Committee reaches a decision on a case by case basis by taking a holistic view of the student’s record, reviews student patterns of withdrawing from classes, their transcripts and, perhaps most importantly, supporting documents to reach a decision to grant or deny their appeal.

The Committee also reviews academic dismissal appeals. Most students who perform better during the semester after they were placed on academic probation are permitted to continue on probation. Students who have been at QCC for few semesters and have been dismissed are given a chance to improve their performance as against students who have attempted numerous credits and have not reached the required GPA for retention. Most decisions are made on the committee’s judgement of the students’ ability to graduate. Committee member Gina Capozzoli was also a member of the Retention Management Committee of the College, and therefore has added insights into how to evaluate future student success.

The Committee on Course & Standing and the Admissions Committee work closely with each other. Most students who are re-admitting or appealing their dismissal to the Admissions Committee invariably require appealing their ‘WU’ grades and are thus recommended to the Committee on Course & Standing. This academic year both the Committees worked together along with the registrar and academic affairs to contribute towards developing a fresh start policy.


Meeting Frequency

The Committee typically meets once a month, however, the intervals between meetings are varied to accommodate the needs of the college. Meetings are scheduled so that students are given enough time to submit their appeals after the withdrawal deadline and after the dismissal letters are mailed. During the Fall and Spring semesters, the meetings are typically scheduled on Fridays at 10 am. During the summer, meeting dates are chosen to accommodate the needs of the college.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown started in March 2020, the committee met and reviewed appeals through Microsoft Teams thereafter.

During the year 2019-2020 the committee met on the following dates: September 20th, 2019; October 25th, 2019; November 22nd, 2019; December 13th, 2019; January 11th 2020; February 28th, 2020; May 15th, 2020; July 1st, 2020.


Additional Work Done During the Academic Year 2019-2020

In addition to reviewed students appeals in a timely manner to accommodate the needs of the college, the committee also discussed and worked on the following business:

  1. Communicated with the Chair of Assessment Committee regarding
    • the impact of joint form
    • readmission to the college, on enrollment and retention
  • Two committees agreed to work closer on the discussed topics.
  1. Created a list of frequently used comments to improve consistency and communications with students.
  2. Published minutes and annual reports from the previous year and current year online.
  3. Decided to keep a record of students ids in order to get reports from the Office of Student Affairs for the Committee to understand
    • retention rates over last three years
    • current retention plan
    • Academic success of students who began with CUNYStart in the future.
  4. Moved to online meetings through Microsoft Teams.
  5. Reviewed committee guideline as suggested by Gina Capozzoli and agreed to make necessary revisions.
  6. Discussed how to closely work with the office of SSD and the veterans office to better serve students in different needs.
  7. Reviewed grade appeal policy and suggested to change the 2-year limit to a 4-year limit.

The Chair extends a special thank you to the Registrar’s office for their service to the Committee on Course and Standing. Lisandra Rodriguez, Emiko Sanchez and Florence Farrat continued to be a tremendous source of support and help to the committee.

The Chair, with approval from the Committee, continues to review appeals independently or in a small group with other committee members, during the semester as well as in the summer between Committee meetings.

Reviewing appeals independently puts a substantial demand on time, especially because of deadlines. The input of the faculty Secretary of the committee is exceedingly helpful. The Chair of CCS receives a 3hr release time for serving in the committee.

The 2019-2020 committee suggests the new committee for 2020-2021 to follow up some ongoing business in the upcoming year.


New Committee for the Upcoming Year 2020-2021

New chair and secretary

Arthur Abramov (Academic Advisement) was elected to be the Chair of the Course and Standing Committee for the upcoming year. Paul Marchese (Physics) was elected to be the secretary of the Course and Standing Committee for the upcoming year.

New Members

The committee would like to welcome new members, Dr. Carolina Chaves-O'Flynn, Foriegn Language, Mr. Matthew Konkel, Accelerated Study in Associate Programs, Dr. Vartan Messier, English.


Dr. Fei Ye will be leaving the committee after three years of service and one year of chairing the committee.


Final Notes

Finally, Dr. Ye would like to personally thank all the members of the committee for their hard work and dedication during the previous year. The Committee on Course and Standing is one that is truly run on the principles of cooperation and communication between members from all different departments of the college. The committee would not be able to do the important work it does for the college and for its students were it not for the committee members’ respect and admiration for one another. Dr. Ye would also like to commend Lisandra Rodriguez for her excellent work on the behalf of the committee and the college’s students. Her contribution is greatly appreciated. Florence Farrat retired this year. She will be greatly missed. The committee acknowledges her diligent work on behalf of the committee. The committee is grateful to Emiko Sanchez for her support and diligent work on behalf of the committee.

The committee remains in excellent hands.

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