Monthly Report of the Committee on Committees for May 2020



Report to the Academic Senate



May 1, 2020


From: Stephen W. Hammel, JD, Chairperson of the Committee on Committees 


To:       Zivah Perel Katz, PhD. Secretary of the Academic Senate Steering Committee





Monthly Report of the Committee on Committees for April 2020



  1. Academic Senate Roster

There were no changes to the membership of the Academic Senate in April 2020.


  1. Standing Committees of the Academic Senate

The new slate of faculty membership for the Committees of the Academic Senate were approved by the Senate at the prior Senate meeting in April 2020. However, the day after the approval of the slate, Prof. Anne Marie Menendez, from the Department of Nursing resigned her position from the Committee on Environment, Quality of Life & Disability Issues. The Committee on Committees voted on and approved the nomination of Prof. Janet Rice Franzese, from the Department of Nursing to replace Prof. Menendez, for the remainder of the unexpired term.


III. Senate Elections

The results of the Faculty Senate Election were presented and approved at the April meeting. Additionally, a runoff election was conducted and completed for one seat. However, the seat referred to as the 14th faculty seat, was left unfilled. Based on a discussion and motion modification proposed by Dr. Philip Pecorino, the Senate decided to wait to determine how to proceed in filling the open 14th faculty seat until the May Senate meeting.


The pending motion at the April meeting as contained in my March report was;


THEREFORE, the Senate will need to appoint one (1) more faculty member to complete the full slate of 14 new members for this upcoming year.



FOR INFORMATION ONLY: Since, the issue of the 14th seat was tied to the Senate elections, I have included the results of the election, my notes and comments, all as they appeared in last month’s report for your reference;


Results for Election for Faculty Members-At-Large to Academic Senate









Steven Dahlke, Music





Jannette Urciuoli, Student Affairs





Andrew Nguyen, Biological Sciences & Geology



newly elected


Larisa Honey, Social Sciences





Belle Birchfield, Engineering Technology





Georgina Colalillo, Nursing





Joan Petersen, Biological Sciences & Geology



need runoff election


Julian Stark, Biological Sciences & Geology



need runoff election


Sebastian (Ben) Murolo, Business





Marvin Gayle, Engineering Technology



newly elected


Clarence Jefferson Hall, Jr., History



newly elected


Mary Ann Rosa, Nursing



newly elected


Azaden Aalai, Social Sciences



not elected, dept. at maximum


Laura Sabani, Foreign Languages & Literatures



newly elected as faculty member


Alfred McDonald, Business



newly elected

* No CLT candidates eligible for election this year

Note: Laura Sabani, Foreign Languages, will be stepping down from her position as Chair of her Department at the end of this semester. Therefore, her election to the Senate is as a regular faculty member, the new Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages will take over her prior position in the Senate.


Pursuant to Senate Bylaws, Article I, Section 2; Senate membership is limited to five faculty members from each department. Based on the above, we had two candidates from Social Sciences, and only one available slot available for that department. Larisa Honey carried as she had more votes than Azaden, Alai.


Additionally, there were three applicants from Biological Sciences and Geology, with only two available slots. Andrew Nguyen carried for the first open position having received the most votes of the three. Therefore, one position was left. The other two remaining candidates from Biological Sciences and Geology, Joan Petersen and Julian Stark, had exactly the same number of votes. Therefore, they both must now be referred to the Senate for action pursuant to Senate Bylaws Article I, Section 2, (paragraph 4).



  1. Appointment of Faculty to the Two New QCC Standing Committees of the Academic Senate:


At the April meeting of the Academic Senate, the Senate approved the creation of two new committees out of the old now dissolved, Committee on Pre-College, Continuing Education and Workforce Development.  These two new Committees are now titled; The Committee on Continuing Education and Workforce Development, and The Committee on Pre-College.


THEREFORE:  The Committee on Committees seeks approval by vote on this motion to populate the two newly created committees as follows;

  • As to the newly created Committee on Continuing Education and Workforce Development; all six (6) existing faculty members currently serving on the old committee have agreed to continue to serve out their existing terms on the newly created Committee on Continuing Education and Workforce Development.
  • As to the newly created Committee on Pre-College; the Committee on Committees seeks approval to compile a slate of six (6) faculty members who wish to serve on the newly created Committee on Pre-College. Additionally, the terms of the new members shall be staggered in groups of two as follows; two members with one year terms, two members with two year terms, and two members with three year terms. Thereafter, the new slate will be presented for approval to the Senate at the first Fall 2020 meeting.


  1. Committee on Committees Election - May Academic Senate Meeting


Special Appointment:

A member of the Committee on Committees, Prof. Dominic Hull, (2021) has become inactive and has been removed from the Committee. This vacancy should be filled by a vote of approval from the Senate. The Steering Committee has determined that due to the unprecedented events of this semester that this one year vacancy should be filled by the current Chair of the Committee on Committees, Stephen Hammel, whose term expires this month, (2020), in order to continue continuity through next year.


THERFORE:  Approval by vote is required for the appointment of Stephen Hammel, Department of Business, to fill the unexpired term of Prof. Dominic Hull, Department of Chemistry, whose term expires May, 2021.






Regular Election:

The terms of three members of the Committee on Committees expire in May 2020, and therefore replacement members must be appointed. The members with expiring terms are as follows:

  • Stephen W. Hammel, (Chair), Dpt. Of Business, 2020
  • Bryn Mader, Dept. of Bio. Sciences & Geo., 2020
  • Elizabeth Toohey, Dept. of English, (resigned, Spring 2020).

THEREFORE:  Nominations shall now be submitted from the floor of the Senate from those eligible departments not currently represented by faculty serving on the Committee on Committees. Thereafter, that list of nominations shall be compiled and then voted on by this body whereupon the faculty members receiving the highest vote totals will be appointed to the three open positions on the Committee of Committees for a term running from 2020 through 2023.




Respectfully submitted,

Stephen W. Hammel, JD,

Chairperson, Committee on Committees

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