Monthly Report of the Committee on Committees for March 2020


Stephen Hammel, Chair; Bryn Mader; Kebedech Tekleab; Shenaz Georgilis; Julia Rothenberg; Clara Wajngurt; Vikki Terrile


Liza Larios, Dean, Human Resources and Labor Relations


  1. Academic Senate Roster

    There were no changes to the membership of the Academic Senate in March 2020.

  2. Standing Committees of the Academic Senate

    No changes to membership of Academic Senate Committees for the month of March 2020.

  3. III. Senate Elections

    Nominating petitions were distributed to faculty for the election of new Faculty as no CLT Members-at-Large were eligible for reelection. The Senate consists of 41 Faculty Members-at-Large and 2 CLT Members-at-Large. Nomination reminders were sent out to faculty. 16 Faculty were nominated for 14 positions which all run through April 2023; however, one nominee withdrawn her petition the day before the polls opened. This withdrawal resulted in a short fall of needed applicants due to the Senate rules limiting department representation to a total of five (5) members of the Senate. The next day, the remaining 15 nominations were opened for faculty voting for the available 14 positions. The election was conducted online for two weeks in March. The polls were opened on Monday March 9th and closed on Monday, March 23rd. During this period, the College was closed for the remainder of the Spring Semester for all on campus physical classes due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. However, faculty were able to access the polls remotely. The online system was managed by David Moretti (Senate Technology Officer) with assistance from Raj Vaswani (Information Technology). The results of the Senate elections (Faculty at Large) are tabulated below.

    Rank Candidate Votes % Action


    Steven Dahlke, Music





    Jannette Urciuoli, Student Affairs





    Andrew Nguyen, Biological Sciences & Geology



    newly elected


    Larisa Honey, Social Sciences





    Belle Birchfield, Engineering Technology





    Georgina Colalillo, Nursing





    Joan Petersen, Biological Sciences & Geology



    need runoff election


    Julian Stark, Biological Sciences & Geology



    need runoff election


    Sebastian (Ben) Murolo, Business





    Marvin Gayle, Engineering Technology



    newly elected


    Clarence Jefferson Hall, Jr., History



    newly elected


    Mary Ann Rosa, Nursing



    newly elected


    Azadeh Aalai, Social Sciences



    not elected, dept. at maximum


    Laura Sabani, Foreign Languages & Literatures



    newly elected as faculty member


    Alfred McDonald, Business



    newly elected

    * No CLT candidates eligible for election this year

    Note: Laura Sabani, Foreign Languages, will be stepping down from her position as Chair of her Department at the end of this semester. Therefore, her election to the Senate is as a regular faculty member, the new Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages will take over her prior position in the Senate.

    Pursuant to Senate Bylaws, Article I, Section 2; Senate membership is limited to five faculty members from each department. Based on the above, we had two candidates from Social Sciences, and only one available slot available for that department. Larisa Honey carried as she had more votes than Azadeh, Aalai.

    Additionally, there were three applicants from Biological Sciences and Geology, with only two available slots. Andrew Nguyen carried for the first open position having received the most votes of the three. Therefore, one position was left. The other two remaining candidates from Biological Sciences and Geology, Joan Petersen and Julian Stark, had exactly the same number of votes. Therefore, they both must now be referred to the Senate for action pursuant to Senate Bylaws Article I, Section 2, (paragraph 4).

    THEREFORE, while it is ultimately the choice of the Senate as to how to resolve this matter, I recommend a Senate runoff vote be held between Joan Petersen and Julian Stark, both from Biological Science & Geology, in order to determine who will be appointed from their department in the absence of one of the two candidates removing themselves from consideration.

    Additionally, we are short one new Senator as a result of the withdrawal of one faculty member from the ballot the day before the election.

    THEREFORE, the Senate will need to appoint one (1) more faculty member to complete the full slate of 14 new members for this upcoming year.

  4. Nominations to QCC Standing Committees of the Academic Senate

    Faculty and HEOs were invited to select the committees on which they would prefer to serve via an online system. The database was supervised by David Moretti, Senate Technology Officer and managed by Raj Vaswani. The list of eligible instructional staff was assembled by Debra DiBattista (Human Resources and Labor Relations). At least two reminder emails were sent out during the selection period.

    This semester 85 members of the instructional staff indicated their committee preferences for 46 available positions. Additionally, the total number of senate committee seats is 138.

    Following the online selection period, the database was compiled by faculty preferences for each committee. The committee assignment requests were examined by the CoC Chair and a master spread sheet table was prepared. Candidates had indicated their committee preferences, provided their position titles and department affiliations. Thereafter, they were evaluated and selected for, or eliminated from, committees based on their preferences and current department representation on that particular committee.

    The CoC had at least two meetings each month since January and had planned to make final approvals of appointments in early March. However, due to an unanticipated database issue we were delated by two weeks. Unfortunately, our scheduled meeting was preempted by the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, the closing of the school and the emergency shift to online learning by all faculty thus resulting in additional delays.  Nonetheless, the list of appointments was compiled by the Chair of the CoC and then circulated by email to members of the CoC for consideration and approval.  Members were asked to evaluate and comment on the appointments as listed. The Committee looked at the various candidates’ qualifications, as well as the need for College service with respect to tenure and promotion. Adjustments to the ballot were made via email. Every effort was made to balance the distribution of candidates across departments.  All CoC members had the opportunity for comments and ultimately all members of the CoC approved the appointments by email vote.  

    Committee nomination notices must be sent with at least two weeks’ notice, in compliance with Article VII, section 4a of the Bylaws, the ballot must be circulated to the instructional staff at least two weeks before the election.

    NOTE: Although all College Senate mandated deadlines, meetings and election requirements were fulfilled, prior to the closure of the College, any new requests or requirements relating to notice or distribution by the CoC to the entire faculty body is not possible. Currently, as a result of the College shut down due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, the CoC Chair cannot access his official CoC faculty email distribution list as access was only granted for use on his own campus computer. Therefore, the Chair lacks the ability to remotely distribute any information to the entire faculty body. It is the belief of the Chair, that under these circumstances, the Senate’s circulation of the meeting minutes and the agenda material sent prior to the next meeting will be sufficient notice to all faculty. However, this decision rests solely with the Senate body.

    Following the election, the CoC will maintain a list of instructional staff not placed on a committee assignment. This list will be consulted to fill vacancies as they arise during the year. The CoC will also make suggestions to the Steering Committee regarding suitable Steering Committee Designees. The ballot and petition form are found at the end of this report.

  5. Committee on Committees Election at the May Academic Senate Meeting

    The terms of three members of the CoC will expire in May 2020: Stephen Hammel, (Chair), Bryn Mader and Elizabeth Toohey (resigned, Spring 2020). Additionally, the unexpired term of Dominic Hull (2021) must be filled at the May meeting of the Academic Senate, nominations for new members will be presented, followed by a vote.

    Current Members of the Committee on Committees:
    Bryn Mader (2020)
    Stephen Hammel, Chair (2020)
    Elizabeth Toohey (2020 - Resigned Spring 2020)
    Dominic Hull (2021 - Resigned/Inactive)
    Kebedech Tekleab (2021)
    Shenaz Georgilis, Secretary (2021)
    Julia Rothenberg (2022)
    Vikki Terrile (2022)
    Clara Wajnguet (2022)

Respectfully submitted,
Stephen W. Hammel, JD,
Chairperson, Committee on Committees

Ballot for the Standing Committees of the Academic Senate </strong><strong>for the Term Ending 2023

Academic Senate Meeting April 2020
Presented by the Committee on Committees


  • Bryn Mader
  • Stephen Hammel (Chair)
  • Julia Rothenberg
  • Kebedech Tekleab
  • Shenaz Georgilis (Secretary)
  • Clara Wajngurt
  • Vikki Terrile

President's Designee

  • Liza Larios

2020-2023: Committee on Academic Development & Elective Programs (9 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Pham Davide Mathematices && Computer Science 2021
  Rhodd Renee Academic Affairs 2021
  Riekert Susan Nursing 2021
  Chang Joanne Music 2022
  Moscat Crystal Academy Advisement 2022
  Taibu Rex Physics 2022
o Akpinar Rezan Health, Physical Education and Dance 2023
o Dennihy Melissa English 2023
o Davies Rondi Biological Sciences & Geology 2023

2020-2023: Committee on Admissions (6 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Demas Jason Health Phys Ed. Dance 2021
  Atik Aliza English 2021
  Francis Leslie Business 2022
  Desruisseaux Katwicia College Discovery 2022
o Ghoshal Sarbani Biological Sciences & Geology 2023
o Reid Carmen Nursing 2023

2020-2023: Committee on Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness (9 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Orlofsky Amos Biology 2021
  Armendariz Raul Physics 2021
  Kim Mi-Seon Library 2021
  Kolack Kevin Chemistry 2022
  Ikwueze Chukwudi Social Sciences 2022
  Martinez Manuel English 2022
o Byrnes Thomas Admissions & Recruitment 2023
o Rome Barbara Nursing 2023
o Wang Biao Mathematics and Computer Science 2023

2020-2023: Committee on Awards & Scholarship (6 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Miller Benjamin English 2021
  Wei Sujun Chemistry 2021
  Lai Wei Foreign Languages & Literatures 2022
  McDonald  Alfred Business 2022
o Rosa Mary Ann Nursing 2023
o Stelmach Ewa Mathematics and Computer Science 2023

2020-2023: Committee on Bylaws (6 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Ferrari-Bridgers Franca Speech Communication 2021
  Golebiewska Urszula Biological Sciences 2021
  Garbin Daniel Mathematics and Computer Sciences 2022
  Ye Weier English 2022
o Lam Raymond Engineering Technology 2023
o Litroff Scott Music 2023

2020-2023: Committee on Cultural & Archival Resources (9 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Luedtke Adam Social Sciences 2021
  Huggins Heather Speech Communication 2021
  Osorio Jose Foreign Languages & Literatures 2021
  Sosnovski Blanca Mathematics and Computer Sciences 2022
  Sullivan Nathaniel Art and Design 2022
  Zhelezcheva Tanya English 2022
o Ruggiero Madeline Library 2023
o Huang Hsiaofang Business 2023
o Wu Huixin Engineering Technology 2023

2020-2023: Committee on Computer Resources (9 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Bellovary Jill Physics 2021
  Bordoni Adrian Social Sciences 2021
  Moretti David Marketing & Communication 2021
  Funk Jonathan Mathematics & Computer Sciences 2022
  Armstrong Daniel Health and Physical Education 2022
  Sun Joanne Engineering Technology 2022
o Frary Barbara Business 2023
o McAlear Robert English 2023
o Tse Chun Chung Nursing 2023

2020-2023: Committee on Pre-College, Continuing Education and Workforce Development (6 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Cimino Alison English 2021
  Latainu Gabriel Social Sciences 2022
  Srivastava Anuradha Biological Science 2022
o Akcay Zeynep Mathematics and Computer Science 2023
o Friedman Elaine Speech Communications 2023

2020-2023: Committee on Course and Standing (9 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Marchese Paul Physics 2021
  Lawrence Michael Engineering Technology 2021
  Capozzoli Gina Counseling 2021
  Abramov Arthur Academic Advisement 2022
o Ford Wendy Business 2022
o Mohess Neera Library 2022
o Chaves-O'Flynn Carolina Foreign Languages & Literatures 2023
o Konkel Matthew Accelerated Study in Associate Programs 2023
o Messier Vartan English 2023

2020-2023: Committee on Curriculum (9 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Mulry Jean English 2021
  Wallach Patrick Mathematics and Computer Science 2021
  Lizzul Isabella Health Phys Ed 2021
  Yuster Richard Engineering Technology 2022
  Fox-Herron Doreen Registrar 2022
  Tirandai Hemraj Benny Chemistry 2022
o Pecorino Philip A. Social Sciences 2023
o Adair Arthur Speech Communications 2023
o Tawde Mangala Biological Sciences & Geology 2023

2020-2023: Committee on eLearning (9 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Bukvich-Nichols Sujetlana Music 2021
  Desepoli Eugene Health Phys Ed 2021
  Smith Lakersha Social Sciences 2021
  Lago Susan English 2022
  Sasa  Randelle Nursing 2022
  Zhou Zhou Chemistry 2022
o Bhansali Punita Biological Sciences & Geology 2023
o Drini Merlinda Engineering Technology 2023
o Murolo Sebastian Business 2023

2020-2023: Committee on Environmental, Quality of Life & Disability Issues (9 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Dugwon Seo Engineering Technology 2021
  Diaz Noelia English 2021
  Saidon Christina Speech Communications and Theatre Arts 2021
  Damas Chantale Physics 2022
  Hougaard  Naja Social Sciences 2022
  Mehta Neeraj Music 2022
o Ford Kelly Business 2023
o Javdan Mohammad Biological Sciences & Geology 2023
o Menendez Anne Marie Nursing 2023

2020-2023: Committee on Food Insecurity (9 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Brodbar Dorith Counseling 2021
  Traver Amy Social Sciences 2021
  Shin Jun Chemistry 2021
  Klepper Ashlie Speech Communication 2022
  Alves Kathleen English 2022
  Roblodowski Christopher Biological Sciences and Geology 2022
o Cornick Jonathan Mathematics and Computer Science 2023
o McClam Nicole HEALTH, PHYS ED & DANCE 2023
o DiGiorgio Elizabeth Art and Design 2023

2020-2023: Committee on Library (6 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Tokke Cheryl Business 2021
  Mauro Pete Hayes Art and Design 2021
  Ridinger-Dotterman Angela English 2022
  VanderHorn-Gibson Jodi Speech Communication 2022
o Liu Wenjian Mathematics and Computer Science 2023
o Pelletier Emily Social Sciences 2023

2020-2023: Committee on Publications (6 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Kim Kwang Hyun Math Comp Sciences 2021
  Shekoyan Vazgen Physics 2021
  Smith Keri-Ann English 2022
  Manzo Christina Business 2022
o Byers Patrick Social Sciences 2023
o Geasor James Marketing 2023

2020-2023: Committee on Student Activities (6 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Sasa Randelle Nursing 2021
  Sporer Celia Social Sciences 2021
  Moran Wilfredo Business 2022
  Blick William Library 2022
o King Carolyn Mathematics and Computer Science 2023
o Riegel Kimberly Physics 2023

2020-2023: Committee on Vendor Services (6 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Cheng Steven Mathematics and Computer Science 2021
  Shi Lucy Finance & Administration 2021
  Proteasa Georghe Biological Sciences and Geology 2022
  Ostrowe Linda Counseling 2022
o Schiebe Mark English 2023
o Li Qin Social Sciences 2023

2020-2023: WID WAC Committee (9 Members)

  Last Name First Name Department Term Ends
  Meltzer Linda Business 2021
  Hall Jeff History 2021
  Schanning Ian Physics 2021
  Robertson Rommel Social Sciences 2022
  Koul Sanjay Biological Sciences and Geology 2022
  Leary Chris English 2022
o McIntosh Carla Academy Advisement 2023
o Saindon Christina Speech Communications 2023
o Spezio Stefan W. Writing Center 2023

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The KHC uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

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