Annual Report of the Committee on Annual Report 2020-2021

To: Steering Committee, Academic Senate

From: Chair, Committee on Student Activities

Date: September 8, 2021


  1. Kimberly Riegel, Physics (Chair)
  2. Blick, William, Library (Secretary)
  3. Sasa, Randelle, Nursing
  4. Sporer, Celia, Social Sciences 
  5. Moran, Wilfredo, Business 
  6. Carolyn King, Mathematics and Computer Science
  7. Feruza Turobova (student Member)


  • Jennifer Klein, English, Steering Committee Designee
  • Tikola Russell, Assistant Dean for Student Development/Conduct, President's Liaison

Membership Composition Changes

Kimberly Riegel began her 2020-2023 term

Jennifer Klein became the steering committee Liaison

Carolyn King began her 2020-2023 term in Fall of 2020

Feruza Turbova joined the committee as the student member

Alison Mello and Ilse Schrynemakers were appointed for a 2021 - 2024 term 

Committee Meeting Dates

Wednesday, October 2, 2020 Wednesday, November 18, 2020, Wednesday, December 09, 2020, Wednesday, February 10, 2021, Wednesday, March 10, 2021, Wednesday, April 14, 2021, Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Narrative summary of committee work

This year, the committee organized the annual volunteer fair in the spring of 2021 again but converted it to a virtual format.  Five organizations attended the event which was held over Zoom.  In addition, we continued to work closely with the SGA in order to make sure that we were able to continue assisting them to further their agenda.  

Much of the work for the student activities committee was difficult to do over the past year as the remote nature of the activities.  In order to foster some sense of connection between the faculty staff and students an event to provide a social interaction was developed.  The majority of the time that the committee spent was related to planning the volunteer fair and the Faculty/Student Social event.  

Assigned Committee work as per Bylaws Charge/Strategic Plan/Middle States Items/ or Actions of the Academic Senate

2019-2020 Charges

  • Report to the Academic Senate on policy matters relative to student activities. (In Progress)
  • Act as an advisory group to any student group seeking faculty assistance. (In Progress)
  • Assist the Director of Student Activities, other administrators, and faculty involved in student activities. (In Progress)
  • Participate in the implementation of Article VII, Section B, Part 2, of the Governance Plan which states: “The Faculty and student body shall share equally the responsibility and the power to establish, subject to the approval of the Board, more detailed rules of conduct and regulations in conformity with the general requirement  (Deferred)

Committee Responses towards Steering Committee Charges

  • Inform SC (we will include in our monthly report) and/or Senate (write up a monthly report) on how the college (i.e., SGA, Marketing, Academic or Student Affairs) is reaching out to students to get them engaged during remote learning.  Inquire how often and what type of events the college is holding to get students to socialize virtually.  Let the groups know that you will be reporting their events to the Senate and if possible would like to include how many students are attending these social events.
    • Student activities continue to track these events and is working on procuring software to aid in this. The committee has been engaged in these discussions.  We created an event to connect faculty and students where we had a mix of faculty staff and students who attended.  There were 30 people in attendance. 
  • Inform SC or Senate of active student clubs and events that are being held virtually.
    • This was difficult to track during the remote time and there is no central way for the committee to track it so we were not able to complete this task
  • Re-submit the revised guidebook with the suggested edits to the SC and once accepted post it on the committee website under “Documents and Articles”.
    • This is in process. 

Recommendations for Next Academic Year

the 2020-2021 academic year is more normal but student activities is still substantially affected by the hybrid model of instruction.  This coming year we recommend that we continue to support student activities and student government in whatever way that need it.  

The committee would also like to continue to build relationships between students and faculty.  We can do this through performing events and being a conduit between students and the faculty senate

Lastly, The committee would like to help set up a system compile and keep track of the data regarding how well we are reaching students about event activities and which students are attending the activities.  Particularly important because of the committees inability to perform the charges from last year. 

New Committee Members – newly elected Chair and Secretary

Alison Mello and Ilse Schrynemakers were appointed for a 2021 - 2024 term.  Kimberly Riegel was reelected chair of the committee and William Blick was reelected as the secretary.


I would particularly I would like to recognize Bill Blick who as secretary was particularly helpful during all of these tasks and stepped up to organize things.  Jennifer Klein continued to be an active member of the committee and went above and beyond as a SC liaison.   I'd also like to recognize the service of Randelle Sasa and Celia Sporer as they complete their term on the committee.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kimberly Riegel

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