June 5th, 2024

Dear Project PRIZE Parent:

The Summer Project PRIZE program at the Queensborough Community College Campus is scheduled to begin on Monday July 8th and will run through August 1st.  The program dates are attached for your reference as well as the schedule of workshops and their descriptions. After selecting the workshops of your child’s choice, please register for those workshops at: LPP-Project Prize Workshops Selection.

Returning students are not required to submit a new application and consent form. New students’ parents sign a program application at: LPP-Project Prize Admission and sign a consent form at: LPP-Project Prize Online Instruction and Case Management Consent Form. The last report card and transcript is to be uploaded at the bottom of the application or emailed to LPP-Projectprize@qcc.cuny.edu.

The hours will be the same, 10:00am-2:30pm, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursdays are field trip days (the hours vary). Lunch provided by the program will be from 12:00pm to 12:30pm. Students should report to the program’s meeting room #142 in the Medical Arts building, no earlier than 9:45am. Be prepared to show photo ID when you get to the Public Safety booth at the main entrance of the campus. All the attachments in this message are accessible at the Project PRIZE’s webpage: Liberty Partnerships Program - Project PRIZE (cuny.edu).

Registration starts on Monday June 10th and will close on Friday June 28th by 3pm, or as soon as the program reaches capacity. First come, first served.

The Summer program is a 4-week activity. Therefore, there is no partial participation. Students should attend a full schedule on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday and Thursday’s field trip and should start on the first day.

Students will be required to wear the program’s T-Shirt while on the premises of the campus and during program activities off campus. The cost of the first shirt is $10. The program covers $5, and the parent pays for the other $5. Shirts will be distributed and the $5 will be collected on the first day of the program. Replacements are $10 to be paid for by the parents.  

Kindly let us know if your child travels independently and needs MetroCards.

It is the policy of the program that parents notify us when the students will be late or absent and if there are circumstances that will prevent them from attending. Lunch is ordered promptly after 10am for students who have signed the student sign in sheet.  

Our main means of communication is email. I can be reached at Ynotalatif@qcc.cuny.edu. Mr. Ahmed Kayani, the Student Case Management Specialist can be reached at Akayani@qcc.cuny.edu. The office phone number is 718 281-5331.

Have a safe and healthy 4th of July Holiday!

See you on the 8th!



Yicel Nota-Latif

Summer 2024 Program Dates

Week 1

Monday, July 8th - First Day of Classes
Tuesday, July 9th
Wednesday, July 10th

Thursday, July 11th - Trip to Coney Island Amusement Park and Boardwalk


Week 2

Monday, July 15th
Tuesday, July 16th
Wednesday, July 17th
Thursday, July 18th - Trip to Bowling at Bowlero

Week 3

Monday, July 22nd
Tuesday, July 23rd
Wednesday, July 24th
Thursday, July 25th Trip to Fishkill Berry and Apple Fields


Week 4

Monday, July 29th
Tuesday, July 30th
Wednesday, July 31stQCC Project PRIZE vs IS192 Project PRIZE Soccer Cup
Thursday, August 1st - End of the Year Luncheon - Students Presentations


Summer Workshops

Registration: Please click the link below to register for workshops or e-mail Ynotalatif@qcc.cuny.edu or Akayani@qcc.cuny.edu. First come, first served. Students must attend the same class on Mondays and Wednesdays. Students attending Monday and Wednesday class must also attend on Tuesdays.

Register for Workshops


Culinary Arts and Chemistry (HS &J HS) Group I & II with Mr. Eric , Ms. Hemawattie and Ms. Mehreen

This is a fun workshop where students will prepare a different menu of succulent healthy dishes in every session with Mr. Eric, Coordinator of the Project Prize program at Excelsior HS, with Ms. Hemawattie Excelsior HS Instructor. A QCC & QC Biochemistry Graduate will explain the chemistry involved in every dish. The purpose of the class is to expose students to the fact that we cannot escape science, which is an exciting experience to see in action. This experience changes any negative impressions some students might have about science and choosing a science college major. Students will also acquire life skills in basic cooking and safety measures, which is essential in college readiness. Students will learn to appreciate the artistry of culinary and its mental health benefit.


City Self Defense (JHS & HS) with Mr. Malcolm

Students will learn boxing techniques, Kata (patterns), and calisthenics to develop the discipline and focus of a martial artist; this is what is called the Kingfisher style of fighting. The class will include a discussion session on what self-defense means. What does it mean to protect with a level of discipline, perseverance, and the willingness to become more than you were before you started! The only requirement to join: Be willing to come out of your comfort zone and have fun! In this class, let us build self-confidence through self-control and physical fitness. With Mr. Malcolm, you will have fun boxing, training in calisthenics and learning more about nutrition and how to get “in-shape” indoors and outdoors.


Painting Palooza (JHS & HS) with Ms. Awesum

Students will learn the fundamentals of painting: color, value, composition, edges, brushwork, and technique. Use of acrylics, oils, watercolors, or pencils. Photorealism or abstract art. Whatever the choice, students will unlock their creativity play, experiment, and relieve stress! No previous painting experience necessary. The director of the QCC Art Gallery will invite this class for a tour of the current exhibitions and provide a college and career readiness lecture.


ELA Summer Lazy Days Reading (JHS) with Ms. Anne

This course will inspire students to appreciate reading with an open mind and will learn that reading enriches our lives, academics, and mental wellbeing once we comprehend what we read. Students will understand how our favorite authors write our favorite books and the origins of the storyline behind it. They will be able to talk about plot, characters, settings, mood, and difference in vocabulary between authors and books. Reading comprehension is understanding how we encompass ourselves in the storytelling of the author.


Project PRIZE QCC Soccer Cup with Mr. Malcolm and Mr. Bullen

This class is a face-off between Project PRIZE Queensborough Community College (QCC) Soccer team VS the IS192 The Linden Soccer team. The IS192 team will be training at the school site and the QCC Soccer field. The QCC team will be training at the QCC Soccer field. On the last week of the summer program, the teams will go head-to-head in a Project PRIZE school/QCC college cup match! The winner will take home a trophy! Instructors will focus on teaching two aspects of soccer:

  1. Skill development
  2. Coaching

Learning motor and field skills, rules of the game, and basic officiating mechanics are necessary to play the game. Effective methods of teaching and coaching will be practiced and presented in this course. Students will perform at a minimal level the following skills: dribbling, passing, trapping, goalkeeping, shooting, and juggling. Students will practice honesty in all activities related to this course.


Charcoal Drawing (JHS & HS) with Ms. Awesum

Whether students are familiar with drawing with charcoal or have no experience at all, students will learn the fundamentals, and enjoy a vast number of projects that will constantly build up their skills. Activities will range from figure drawing, still life, observations, drawing outdoor scenery, to impossible compositions and creatures. Charcoal drawing will encourage students to draw in a more thoughtful manner, building a foundation for art both in academics and personal endeavors. Not everything is expressed in words, and visual expression is a great tool to have.


College Readiness/J.O.B Search for Teens (HS) with Ms. Anne

This course will provide High School students a look into the realities of college. Learn to navigate college services and resources. At the end of the term, students will understand that they must balance their personal life with extracurricular activities and academics in college. Students will learn about effective strategies such as: time management, study skills, digest academic content and study habits. HEOP, Higher Education Opportunity Programs’ directors will schedule and deliver presentations throughout the program year. Parents are invited.

J.O.B/ Career Readiness for Teens:

Students will review job search strategies; will practice completing employment applications online. Students will look at their organizational skills, punctuality, personal appearance, attitude towards work and authority on the job. Students will review the value of networking, asking questions and making connections. This workshop is a pre-requisite for students to be considered for any volunteer work, internships or seasonal/PT employment. At the end of the term, students will submit an updated resume, sample of a cover letter to be filed as their portfolio.


Math Olympics (JHS & HS) with Mr. Hamza

This workshop will close the summer gap by having continued math practice. Students will review their common core math skills during the summer program through gaming and art such as Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, trivia and as well as outdoor observation, drawing, origami, physical games, and competencies.


Social Media Influencer Leadership (JHS & HS) with Ms. Sarah

A fun-filled, hands-on program, which has been highly requested by Project PRIZE students. It enhances SEL skills within the context of safe and healthy social media influence and reliance. This workshop includes a competition where students vote on the best video/social media project created by students in the class.


Act Out Your Imagination (JHS & HS) with Mr. Malcolm

Students will spend two hours each Tuesday, of every week of the four weeks of the summer program, learning to write stories, acting, flexing their social and creative muscles. Why? Because each day we spend our lives in school and sometimes we spent time with friends outside of school socializing and we do not always have the opportunity to learn or teach something new. This class is our opportunity to do something fun and new that we would not normally do! Learn from your friends, learn from people we have not met or have seen in school hallways. Join us in this opportunity to expand our minds and experiences in a safe and educational space, where it will be fun exploring what makes us laugh, cry, and think! This class will have a performance aspect. We will be writing stories and acting them out. We will play various games to learn critical thinking skills, and will conduct group discussion on stories or documentaries watched in class.


Tutoring (JHS & HS) with Assigned Tutors

For students who might need to refresh or get extra support to improve their grade or continue performing at a satisfactory level in any middle or high school subjects. Students must be prepared to receive tutoring by bringing their textbook, homework, quizzes, tests, or specific questions.


Comic Book Animation (JHS & HS) with Ms. Awesum

In this class, students will learn to draw simple facial expressions, speech bubbles, understand characters, storytelling, drawing one-panel comics and finally their own mini comic book creation! In animated stories, anything can happen. If you can imagine it, you can create it. In fact, you can animate pretty much everything; paper; plastiline, people and more.


Free Writing (JHS & HS) with Ms. Anne

Write about anything. Anything you would like to write about. Anything that is in your mind or comes to your mind at that moment. This practice will help students improve their writing skills while learning to appreciate the benefits of free writing for mental health, stress relief, anxiety management or anything that might be bothering them. There will be no critique of the content written, and students will share what they write only if they wish. The instructor will not collect their writings unless students choose to hand them in to discuss in group.

Code of Conduct

It is the policy of the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York, CUNY and of Queensborough Community College, QCC, one of its constituent colleges, to recruit, employ, retain, and promote employees without regard to gender, age, national or ethnic origin, alienage or citizenship, race, color, creed, disability, marital or veteran’s status, or sexual orientation. For students, it is the policy of the University to recruit, admit, and provide educational programs, access to financial aid, support services and athletics without regard to gender, age, national or ethnic origin, alienage or citizenship, race, color, creed, disability, marital,  veteran’s status or sexual orientation.

QCC is committed to providing all students with a safe and supportive environment free from discrimination, intimidation or harassment.

No student will be subjected to harassment by fellow students at the Liberty Partnerships Program-Project PRIZE LPP-PP because of race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender (including gender identity).

QCC has in place multiple programs and policies designed to help overcome barriers to equitable access including an active Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, which is experienced in enabling accessibility of classes, and out of class services for students with a wide range of physical, learning, and other disabilities.

Any questions or issues regarding preventing or responding to discrimination or harassment will be directed to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. The office of Student Affairs has adopted the Taylor and Barnes (2009) approach to conduct management, which approach calls for:

1. A management program that is infused with conflict resolution pathways that are educationally based and meets institutions’ needs.

2. The establishment of a climate where each individual is respected and also accepts their obligation to the campus community.

3. Strict adherence to rules of moral, ethical, and psychosocial development to lay down the foundation for the development of young adults who are learning the values of integrity, judgement, compassion, personal responsibility, accountability and respect.

4. Viewing student conflict resolution and management not as an end in itself, but as a tool for affecting student growth and development to prepare students as productive, knowledge-generated and humane citizens of the world.

5. Upon hiring, all Project PRIZE staff will receive training on the LPP-PP Code of Conduct to discourage discrimination or harassment, raise awareness and sensitivity and ensure non-discriminatory instructional and counseling methods. They will be made aware that federal civil rights laws and regulations protect students from harassment by school employees, other students and third parties and will learn about the QCC and Dignity Act policy, including their potential responsibilities. In addition, the Research Foundation of CUNY, which employs all grant funded staff, mandates the completion of an online harassment training for all employees. LPP students, parents and staff will be invited to review the QCC-LPP-PP code of conduct posted in the LPP-PP webpage of the QCC’s website. Parents will receive a copy upon admission. Upon entrance to the program, all students and families will be informed of the LPP Code of Conduct, behavioral expectations and how to report any incidents.

The Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives is another resource for LPP-PP staff and students. One of the Center’s educational programs focuses on school based harassment, including hate crimes and uses the lessons of the Holocaust and other human atrocities to help students of all ages to fully understand these crimes committed in their schools or communities. The project is based on the belief that young people and adults who are taught how to manage inter-group conflicts, and promote peaceful relations within increasingly diverse society will ultimately become more culturally-sensitive community members and leaders of a society that values each and every human life. The Holocaust center is the only one of its kind in an educational setting in New York State. It serves 25,000 visitors and members annually, including QCC students, local residents, and the City’s public middle and high school students. Its mission is to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism, and stereotyping. The center reaches out across Queens’ diverse cultures and languages to engage its communities and foster positive interaction among its residents, through in-school instruction, activities and visits. Project PRIZE will continue to schedule a visit to the center every year, where middle and high school students will learn alternatives to discriminatory or harassing attitudes and behaviors that increase awareness of and capacity to prevent and respond to acts of discrimination and/or harassment.

Thank you,
Yicel Nota-Latif
Project Director
Liberty Partnerships Program-Project PRIZE

Campus Cultural Centers

Kupferberg Holocaust Center exterior lit up at nightOpens in a new window
Kupferberg Holocaust Center Opens in a new window

The KHC uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

Russian Ballet performing at the Queensborough Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window
QPAC: Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window

QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

Queensborough Art Gallery exterior in the afternoonOpens in a new window
QCC Art Gallery

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.