Degree Transfer Agreement

Transfer Agreement for the Associate in Science Degree (AS) in Liberal Arts and Sciences (Mathematics and Sciences)

Transfer Major: Physics (B.A.)

Transfer College: Queens College


Undergraduate Admissions

65-30 Kissena Boulevard
Jefferson Hall Lobby
Flushing, NY 11367

(718) 997-5600

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Effective Date: Fall 2020

Scholarship Information

Total transfer credits granted towards the Bachelor's degree: 60

Total additional credits needed at this senior college for the Bachelor's degree: 60

Admissions Requirements

  • Application Required: Yes
  • Degree Requirement: Completed Associate in Science degree (AS) in Liberal Arts & Sciences - Math & Sciences at QCC
  • Minimum CUM GPA: 2.0
  • Audition/Portfolio: Not applicable


  • Upon transfer, students must declare a major in Physics.  Students pursuing the B.A. in Physics must choose either a Physics Option or an Applied Physics Option.  Transfer students should consult with the major advisor in the Queens College Physics Department ( prior to enrolling in classes at Queens College.
  • All transfer courses credited toward the Physics major must be completed with a grade of C- or better.
  • When the receiving college awards transfer credit for either a block of courses or for an entire program rather than for individual courses, it may not be necessary to list individual course equivalencies.
  • Queens College requires 6-7 credits of additional Pathways classes as part of the College Option, which includes a literature and a language requirement, as well as two Writing Intensive (W) units, with a minimum of one in residency. Writing Units may overlap with other requirements. According to the specifics in this agreement, students will complete a minimum of 60 credits at each institution; however, students who transfer into Queens with more than 60 credits must complete at least 45 credits at Queens College to earn a Queens College degree.

General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements
Queensborough Community College Queens College
Course Number & Title Credits Course Number & Title Credits Credits Awarded
ENGL-101: English Composition I 3 ENGL 110: College Writing I 3 3
ENGL-102: English Composition II 3 ENGL 130: Writing about Literature in English 3 3
Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning: Recommended: MA-440: Pre Calculus 4 MATH 122: Precalculus 4 4
Life and Physical Sciences: Recommended: PH-421: General Calculus Physics A* 5 PHYS 145: Principles of Physics I and Lab 5 5
Flexible Core 2A: Recommended to Select one course in History or Social Sciences in either 2A or 2D 3 World Cultures and Global Issues 3 3
Flexible Core: U.S. Experience in Its Diversity: Recommended: SP-211: Speech Communication 3 U.S. Experience in Its Diversity 3 3
Flexible Core 2C: Select one course 3 Creative Expression 3 3
Flexible Core 2D: Recommended to Select one course in History or Social Science in either 2A or 2D 3 Individual and Society 3 3
Flexible Core 2E: PH-422: General Calculus Physics B* 5 PHYS 146: Principles of Physics II and Lab 5 5
Additional Flexible Core Course: MA-441 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 4 MATH 151: Calculus/Differentiation and Integration 4 4
Subtotal 36 Subtotal 36

Requirements for the Major

Requirements for the Major
Queensborough Community College Queens College
Course Number & Title Credits Course Number & Title Credits Credits Awarded
PH-440: Modern Physics 4 PHYS 260: Introduction to Modern Physics 4 4
Recommended: MA-442: Analytic Geometry and Calculus II** 4 MATH 152: Calculus/Integration and Infinite Series 4 4
Recommended: MA-443: Analytic Geometry and Calculus III** 4 MATH 201: Multivariable Calculus 4 4
MA-451: Differential Equations 4 MATH 223: Differential Equations with Numerical Methods I 3 3
MA-461: Linear Algebra 4 MA 231: Linear Algebra I 4 4
MA-481: Probability and Statistics 3 MATH 241: Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics 3 3
Subtotal 17-22 Subtotal 17-22

Additional Requirements for the Major

Additional Requirements for the Major
Queensborough Community College Queens College
Course Number & Title Credits Course Number & Title Credits Credits Awarded
HE-101: Introduction to Health Education OR HE-102: Health, Behavior, and Society 1-2 Elective Credit - 1-2
One credit in PE-400 or PE-500 series or one course from DAN-100 series (one credit course only) 1 Elective Credit - 1
Subtotal 2-3 Subtotal 2-3

Total Credits Completed and Awarded

Total Credits Completed and Awarded
Queensborough Community College Queens College
Total 60 Total 60

Additional Notes:

Active Articulation Agreement Notes:

  • Students are recommended to take particular courses in some areas of the Common Core that fulfill both general education and major requirements at QCC. If students do not take the recommended courses in the Common Core, they will have to take additional credits to complete their degree requirements.
  • *Students must complete MA-441 and all prerequisites for that course.
  • **Students must complete two-course sequences in at least two different subject areas (biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics). For students following this agreement, one two course sequence in physics (PH-421/422) and one in mathematics (MA-442/443) are recommended.

DISCLAIMER: The final responsibility for successful transfer rests with the student. The information posted on this website is designed to assist students in obtaining the most accurate transfer-related information possible. However, this information is subject to change without notice, which may subsequently impact admission to a transfer college or university.

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