Full-Time Faculty

Altimari, Michael, Lecturer
Phone: (718) 631-6216, Office: M-202, Email: MAltimari@qcc.cuny.edu

Bhansali, Punita, Assistant Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6615, Office: M-215, Email: PBhansali@qcc.cuny.edu

Carmona, Naydu, Associate Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6066, Office: M-200, Email: NCarmona@qcc.cuny.edu

Danzi-Engoron, Sara, Associate Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6069, Office: M-425, Email: SDanziengoron@qcc.cuny.edu

Davies, Rondi, Assistant Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6064, Office: M-230, Email: RDavies@qcc.cuny.edu

Ellerton, Sharon, Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6627, Office: M-422, Email: SEllerton@qcc.cuny.edu

Frishman, Steven, Lecturer
Phone: (718) 631-6304, Office: M-440, Email: SFrishman@qcc.cuny.edu

Gadura, Nidhi, Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6078, Office: M-213, Email: NGadura@qcc.cuny.edu

Ghoshal, Sarbani, Assistant Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6208, Office: M-426, Email: SGhoshal@qcc.cuny.edu

Golebiewska, Urszula, Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6093, Office: M-428, Email: UGolebiewska@qcc.cuny.edu

Harris, Eugene, Professor
Phone: (718) 281-5501, Office: M-254, Email: EHarris@qcc.cuny.edu

Javdan, Mohammad, Associate Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6052, Office: M-417, Email: MJavdan@qcc.cuny.edu

Jue, Chong, Associate Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6060, Office: M-205, Email: CJue@qcc.cuny.edu

Kaur, Simran, Professor
Phone: (718) 281-5503, Office: M-207, Email: Sikaur@qcc.cuny.edu

Koul, Sanjay, Assistant Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6208, Office: M-426, Email: SKoul@qcc.cuny.edu

Mader, Bryn, Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6068, Office: M-204, Email: BMader@qcc.cuny.edu

McLaughlin, Susan , Associate Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6016, Office: M-200, Email: SMclaughlin@qcc.cuny.edu

Mello, Alison, Lecturer
Phone: (718) 281-5537, Office: M-230, Email: AMello@qcc.cuny.edu

Nelson, Rochelle, Assistant Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6383, Office: M-425, Email: RNelson@qcc.cuny.edu

Nguyen, Andrew, Professor
Phone: (718) 281-5115, Office: M-202, Email: ANguyen@qcc.cuny.edu

Novick, Peter, Associate Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6091, Office: M-200, Email: PNovick@qcc.cuny.edu

Orlofsky, Amos, Assistant Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6301, Office: M-201, Email: AOrlofsky@qcc.cuny.edu

Petersen, Joan, Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6048, Office: M-207, Email: JPetersen@qcc.cuny.edu

Proteasa, Gheorghe, Associate Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6332, Office: M-201, Email: GProteasa@qcc.cuny.edu

Roblodowski, Christopher, Associate Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6053, Office: M-428, Email: CRoblodowski@qcc.cuny.edu

Scal, Roland, Associate Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6071, Office: M-423, Email: RScal@qcc.cuny.edu

Schneider, Patricia, Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6061, Office: M-208, Email: PSchneider@qcc.cuny.edu

Sherman, Scott, Lecturer
Phone: (718) 631-6072, Office: M-204, Email: SSherman@qcc.cuny.edu

Srivastava, Anuradha, Associate Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6056, Office: M-201, Email: ASrivastava@qcc.cuny.edu

Stark, Julian , Associate Professor
Phone: (718) 281-5504, Office: M-205, Email: JStark@qcc.cuny.edu

Subramaniam, Raji, Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6045, Office: M-418, Email: RSubramaniam@qcc.cuny.edu

Sullivan, Regina, Associate Professor
Phone: (718) 281-5384, Office: M-421, Email: RSullivan@qcc.cuny.edu

Tawde, Mangala, Professor
Phone: (718) 281-5506, Office: M-215, Email: MTawde@qcc.cuny.edu

Teegala, Sushma, Lecturer
Phone: (718) 281-5541, Office: M-230, Email: STeegala@qcc.cuny.edu

Timbilla, James, Associate Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6397, Office: M-424, Email: JTimbilla@qcc.cuny.edu

Trujillo, Monica, Associate Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6049, Office: M-202, Email: MTrujillo@qcc.cuny.edu

Tsimounis, Areti, Associate Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6090, Office: M-200, Email: ATsimounis@qcc.cuny.edu

Whitlock, Stephen, Lecturer
Phone: (718) 281-5502, Office: M-417, Email: SWhitlock@qcc.cuny.edu



Adjunct Faculty

Aravantinos, Angeliki, Adjunct Lecturer
Phone: (718) 631-6057, Office: M-203, Email: AAravantinos@qcc.cuny.edu

Campbell, Peter, Adjunct Lecturer
Phone: (718) 631-6621, Office: M-439, Email: PCampbell@qcc.cuny.edu

Chowdhury, Minaj, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6621, Office: M-439, Email: MChowdhury@qcc.cuny.edu

Costa, Philip, Adjunct Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6057, Office: M-203, Email: PCosta@qcc.cuny.edu

Fable, MaryAnn, Adjunct Lecturer

Kalogiannis, Chrisoula, Adjunct Lecturer
Phone: (718) 281-5502, Office: M-203, Email: CKalogiannis@qcc.cuny.edu

Keegan, Kerry, Adjunct Lecturer
Phone: (718) 631-6621, Office: M-439, Email: KKeegan@qcc.cuny.edu

Kemeny, Stav, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6621, Office: M-439, Email: SKemeny@qcc.cuny.edu

Klein, Elana, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6621, Office: M-439, Email: EKlein@qcc.cuny.edu

Kulawy, Steven, Adjunct Lecturer
Phone: (718) 631-6621, Office: M-439, Email: SKulawy@qcc.cuny.edu

Nassrallah, Zeinab, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Phone: (718) 281-5502, Office: M-203, Email: ZNassrallah@qcc.cuny.edu

Navarro, Johanna, Adjunct Lecturer
Phone: (718) 631-6621, Office: M-439, Email: JNavarro@qcc.cuny.edu

Naz Amray, Afshan, Adjunct Lecturer
Phone: (718) 281-5502, Office: M-203, Email: ANazamray@qcc.cuny.edu

Sacrestano, David, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6057, Office: M-203, Email: DSacrestano@qcc.cuny.edu

Stonaker, Brian, Adjunct Lecturer
Phone: (718) 631-6621, Office: M-439, Email: BStonaker@qcc.cuny.edu

Sun, Shishinn, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6621 , Office: M-439 , Email: SSun@qcc.cuny.edu

Theodorou, Michelle, Adjunct Lecturer

Vadi, Noel, Adjunct Lecturer
Phone: (718) , Office: M-249, Email: NVadi@qcc.cuny.edu

Wang-Mondaca, Carol, Adjunct Lecturer
Phone: (718) 631-6621, Office: M-439, Email: CWangmondaca@qcc.cuny.edu

Williams, Marianne, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Phone: (718) 631-6621, Office: M-439, Email: MAWilliams@qcc.cuny.edu

College Lab Technicians

Hammer, Rachel, Senior CLT
Phone: (718) 631-6258, Office: S-236, Email: Rhammer@qcc.cuny.edu

Perez-Lopez, Annette, Senior CLT 
Phone: (718) 631-6073, Office: M-434, Email: ALopez@qcc.cuny.edu

Charles, Angelita, CLT
Phone: (718) 631-6073, Office: M-434,  Email:Apierrenoel@qcc.cuny.edu

Rachiele, Laura, Senior CLT
Phone: (718) 631-6059, Office: M-219, Email: Irachiele@qcc.cuny.edu

Rohan, Terence, Senior CLT
Phone: (718) 631-6051, Office: M-245, Email: TRohan@qcc.cuny.edu

Salas, Teresa, Chief CLT
Phone: (718) 631-6335, Office: M-210, Email: TSalas@qcc.cuny.edu

Adjunct College Lab Technicians

Teran, Johnattan, Adjunct CLT Jteran@qcc.cuny.edu


Flores, Sofia, CUNY Office Assistant
Phone: (718) 631-6335, Office: M-213, Email: Sflores@qcc.cuny.edu

Howie, Katherine, CUNY Office Assistant
Phone: (718) 631-6335, Office: M-213, Email: KHowie@qcc.cuny.edu

Professors Emeriti

Alterman, George
Professor Emeritus

Ambron, Joanna
Professor Emeritus

Anderson, Lucia L.
Professor Emeritus

Braun, Marilyn R.
Professor Emeritus

Cline, Sylvia G.
Professor Emeritus

Costa, Philip J.
Professor Emeritus

Cotty, Francis E.
Professor Emeritus

Cotty, Richard G.
Professor Emeritus

Felton, Blanche H.
Professor Emeritus

Gorelick, Melvin
Professor Emeritus

Grahamm, Sylvia R.
Professor Emeritus

Johansson, Mildred
Professor Emeritus

Klarberg, David
Professor Emeritus

Leff, Eugene
Professor Emeritus

Meyer, Dwight H.
Professor Emeritus

Miksic, Mary C.
Professor Emeritus

Pollak, Richard
Professor Emeritus

Rance, Hugh
Professor Emeritus

Schnall, Edith L.
Professor Emeritus

Seeley, Valerie A.
Professor Emeritus

Sonnen, Norman
Professor Emeritus

Winkler, Bertram
Professor Emeritus

Workman, Harvey N.
Professor Emeritus

Campus Cultural Centers

Kupferberg Holocaust Center exterior lit up at nightOpens in a new window
Kupferberg Holocaust Center Opens in a new window

The KHC uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

Russian Ballet performing at the Queensborough Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window
QPAC: Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window

QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

Queensborough Art Gallery exterior in the afternoonOpens in a new window
QCC Art Gallery

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.