eLearning Courses


How to Register

Registration Steps:

For QCC and CUNY Students, You can login to CUNYfirst to register in synchronously, asynchronously or hybrid courses.



Fully online classes will be taught in one of two ways:

Synchronous Courses:

  • Synchronous classes are similar to on campus classes in that you must present (online) at the time the class is scheduled in CUNYfirst to meet.
  • These online classes will be taught live. You will engage with the instructor and other students.
  • You must login to a virtual learning platform, such as Blackboard, during scheduled class times. Your professors will inform you via email which platform the class will be using.
  • How can you tell if your online class is synchronous? Login to CUNYfirst schedule of classes. For synchronous classes, day/times are listed on the CUNYfirst schedule of classes. These are the days and times you are expected to be online.

Synchronous online courses appear like this in the course schedule:

Synchronous Courses Image

Instruction Mode:

Dates & Times: Specific Days and Times indicate when you are expected to be online.

Asynchronous Courses:

  • Asynchronous classes do not require you to login to your virtual course at a specified time.
  • You will be required to complete coursework, for example, watch pre-recorded lectures, films or other provied media such as reaings, on your time, but be mindful of due dates specified by your professor!
  • Assignment deadlines and exam day/times are mainted and included on the class syllabus.
  • How can you tell if your online class is asynchronous? Login to CUNYfirst schedule of classes. The Instruction Mode is listed under "Room" as "Online-Asynchronous".

Asynchronous online courses appear like this in the course schedule:


Instruction Mode:

Fully Online & Hybrid Courses

If you want to register for courses with online components, search for them in the online schedule of classes at CUNYFirst. After choosing the college, semester, and course subject, open the Additional Search Criteria list and choose a mode of instruction. Then, follow instructions for registering for courses using CUNYfirst.

CS 101 FNET 43495 LAB

HE 102 FNET 39863 LEC

LF 401 FNET 46372 LEC

LG 401 FNET 33556 LEC

PHIL 101 FNT1 39947 LEC

PSYC 101 FNT1 40015 LEC

PSYC 220 FNT1 40085 LEC

SOCY 101 FNT1 40227 LEC

PHIL 101 FNT2 39948 LEC

SOCY 101 FNT2 40228 LEC

ENGL 102 PN10 34504 LEC

BI 150 PNET 33219 LEC

BI 302 PNET 33297 LEC

BI 356 PNET 33340 LEC

BU 108 PNET 34250 LEC

BU 201 PNET 34263 LEC

BU 812 PNET 34325 LEC

BU 903 PNET 34327 LEC

ET 710 PNET 32963 LAB

HE 105 PNET 39877 LEC

IS 151 PNET 33083 LEC

LC 112 PNET 33508 LEC

LI 111 PNET 33497 LEC

LS 111 PNET 34503 LEC

LS 213 PNET 33545 LEC

LS 214 PNET 39821 LEC

LS 222 PNET 33559 LEC

LS 402 PNET 34066 LEC


MA 321 PNET 43137 LEC

NU 204 PNET 35052 LEC

TH 111 PNET 33663 LEC

ENGL 216 PNT 40585 LEC

ENGL 217 PNT 33903 LEC

ENGL 231 PNT 33809 LEC

HE 102 PNT 33034 LEC

HE 111 PNT 35009 LEC

PSYC 215 PNT 40074 LEC

PSYC 270 PNT 40197 LEC

SOCY 185 PNT 40451 LEC

ANTH 101 PNT1 39793 LEC

ECON 102 PNT1 39927 LEC

EDUC 101 PNT1 39935 LEC

EDUC 230 PNT1 39940 LEC

ENGL 102 PNT1 33794 LEC

ENGL 201 PNT1 33804 LEC

HE 102 PNT1 34996 LEC

HE 103 PNT1 33045 LEC

LC 321 PNT1 39782 LEC

MA 119 PNT1 42211 LEC

MA 121 PNT1 42402 LEC

NU 202 PNT1 32898 LEC

NU 202 PNT1 32898 LEC

NU 202 PNT1 32898 LEC

PH 111 PNT1 33398 LEC

PLSC 101 PNT1 39981 LEC

PSYC 101 PNT1 40044 LEC

SOCY 101 PNT1 40323 LEC

ANTH 101 PNT2 39794 LEC

ECON 102 PNT2 39928 LEC

EDUC 101 PNT2 39936 LEC

ENGL 101 PNT2 34454 LEC

ENGL 102 PNT2 33795 LEC

ET 841 PNT2 32969 LEC

ET 842 PNT2 32971 LAB

HE 103 PNT2 33046 LEC

LC 321 PNT2 33511 LEC

MA 119 PNT2 42225 LEC

MA 121 PNT2 42403 LEC

NU 202 PNT2 32904 LEC

NU 202 PNT2 32904 LEC

NU 202 PNT2 32904 LEC

PH 111 PNT2 33399 LEC

PLSC 101 PNT2 39982 LEC

PSYC 101 PNT2 40045 LEC

SOCY 101 PNT2 40324 LEC

ANTH 101 PNT3 39795 LEC

ENGL 101 PNT3 47812 LEC

ENGL 102 PNT3 33796 LEC

ET 841 PNT3 33012 LEC

ET 842 PNT3 33013 LAB

HE 102 PNT3 33070 LEC

HE 103 PNT3 33047 LEC

MA 119 PNT3 42316 LEC

MA 121 PNT3 42404 LEC

MA 336 PNT3 48177 LEC

PH 111 PNT3 33400 LEC

PSYC 101 PNT3 40046 LEC

SOCY 101 PNT3 40446 LEC

MA 119 PNT4 42347 LEC

PSYC 101 PNT4 40047 LEC

SOCY 101 PNT4 40447 LEC

ENGL 102 PNT5 33798 LEC

HE 102 PNT5 39865 LEC

MA 119 PNT5 42348 LEC

PSYC 101 PNT5 40049 LEC

SOCY 101 PNT5 40448 LEC

MA 119 PNT6 42349 LEC

MA 119 PNT7 42350 LEC

SOCY 101 PNT7 59977 LEC

MA 119 PNT8 42351 LEC

ENGL 102 PNT9 34453 LEC

MA 119 PNT9 42354 LEC

BU 203 PNTA 34281 LEC

BU 701 PNTA 34313 LEC

SP 211 PNTA 33636 LEC

BU 203 PNTB 34282 LEC

BU 701 PNTB 34314 LEC

SP 211 PNTB 33660 LEC

BU 203 PNTC 34277 LEC

SP 211 PNTC 34203 LEC

BU 203 PNTD 46923 LEC

MA 119 PNTL 42357 LEC

NU 101 PNVS 32878 LAB

eLearning Demo Course

This Blackboard course has been designed to help QCC's students and faculty become familiar with the University's Learning Management System (Blackboard). The course will provide an online classroom environment similar to an actual elearning course. Students will be able to navigate the course, read the content, take quizzes and participate in the Discussion Board.

How to access this course:

1. After logging into Blackboard, on the Home Tab, scroll down to the Course Search module.
Course Search Module

2. Type in elearning sample course (it's not case-sensitive). Be patient, it may take a while to complete the search.

3. When the search is complete, you will see the link to the eLearning Sample Course displayed on the page.

Self-enroll in the eLearning Sample Course

4. Click the chevron button, and then select Enroll.
eLearning sample course on Blackboard

5. Use the following password: elearning

6. Finally, click Submit to complete the self-enrollment process.

Note: This is a sample course and any work done/submitted in this course will have no effect on your grades or academic standing at Queensborough Community College. The purpose of this course it only to familiarize you with the possible look and feel of courses offered at our institution and hosted in the Blackboard Learning Management System.

Campus Cultural Centers

Kupferberg Holocaust Center exterior lit up at nightOpens in a new window
Kupferberg Holocaust Center Opens in a new window

The KHC uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

Russian Ballet performing at the Queensborough Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window
QPAC: Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window

QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

Queensborough Art Gallery exterior in the afternoonOpens in a new window
QCC Art Gallery

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.