Publications Committee, Nov. 6, 2019


The Academic Senate Committee on Publications met on Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 3PM-4PM, S-316

Committee Members in Attendance:

Aviva Geismar (Chair), Vazgen Shekoyan (Secretary), Kwang Hyun Kim, Kerri-Ann M. Smith, Faustino Quintanilla

Liaisons in Attendance:

Stephen Di Dio (Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at QCC)

Phil Pecorino (Steering Committee Designee)


The meeting was called to order at 3:09 PM

                                                                             QUEENSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE


                                                        Submitted Date: December 6, 2019               November 6, 2019 Minutes

                                                                Publications Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting date:  Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Time:                   3:00pm-4:00pm

Location:           S316

Chair:    Aviva Geiser

Secretary:   Vazgen Shekoyan


The committee welcomed a new committee member, Christina Manzo.


The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.


Kwang and Aviva reported on the first subcommittee meeting (Subcommittee of Webmasters) that had taken place right before the Publications Committee meeting (between 2-3 pm). During that  meeting the subcommittee members shared their ideas on improving departmental websites. It was also noted that in regards to Faculty bio pages the committee can only make recommendations, not requirements.


The committee discussed further The Faculty Handbook. It is currently available only in the online form. Phil made observation that there is a lot of duplicate information in the online handbook (in the faculty handbook and in the provided links designated for that content). He observed that many of the items in the Handbook should simply be links to existing pages in the QCC website rather than duplicate places for information. This will make it easier to update the information and ensure there are no disparities. Phil volunteered to prepare a list of suggested fixes for the handbook in order to avoid duplicate and out of date info. Vazgen suggested keeping at least short descriptions of various links to make the handbook more readable. VP DiDio pointed out that for certain items at least a small description is required by law. The committee decided to invite either Dean Liza Larios or Martha Aspromatis for further information on that.


While examining the online handbook the committee also noticed that no link to the Faculty Handbook could be found in the Faculty Resources page.


Phil shared with the committee two handouts with an alternative website design and table of contents for the Faculty Handbook. He also volunteered to put together (by February, 2020) further suggestions on what items should be a pure link and what items should have a short description. Aviva and Christina volunteered to examine and provide feedback on the material that Phil will be sending them in February.


The committee further discussed the Faculty Survey on the Handbook prepared by Phil and Kerri-Ann. Few revisions were suggested. It was also determined that the survey will be put into SurveyMonkey and distributed through FCC.


A doodle will be created to establish a new meeting time for the next semester to avoid scheduling conflicts.


Meeting adjourned at approximately 4:05 pm.



Respectfully Submitted,

Vazgen Shekoyan


Respectfully submitted,

Vazgen Shekoyan
Committee on Publications, Secretary

Minutes typed on December 6, 2019

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