Meeting Minutes December 09, 2020


The Academic Senate Committee on Student Activities met on December 9, 2020-3:09 pm - Virtual via Zoom

Committee Members in Attendance:

  • Dr. Kimberly Riegel
  • William Blick
  • Wilfredo Moran
  • Dr. Carolyn King
  • Randelle Sasa
  • Celia Sporer
  • Feruza Turobova (student)

Liaisons in Attendance:

  • Gisela Rivera
  • Jennifer Klein
  • Ray Volel


The meeting was called to order at 3:09 pm

Agenda Discussion Topics:

  1. Call meeting to Order: 3:09

  2. Approve all meeting minutes

    1. Minutes from November 18, 2020 approved.

  3. Volunteer Virtual Fair

    It was agreed to continue plans for a Virtual Fair in 2021. Agreed that earlier in semester would be better for students.

    Agreed on Date: February 24, 2021, Wednesday, club hours from 12:00 pm -2:00 pm, and would be a live, virtual event.

    Gisela sent document of possible organizations. Some members shared feedback on the organizations. When all committee members send their notes on groups to attend or possibly attend, Jennifer will organize into form such as Google Docs.

    Carolyn discussed certain group for the fairs that she had researched including: a list general and local organizations, (perhaps impersonal, some expired opportunities) Brooklyn Community Services Events website, which has some great opportunities for students, Smithsonian Digital projects, with which students can pick interests and work on projects, Translation Volunteers, which is very timely and a viable option. As well, as Crisis Hotlines, which requires training and a certain amount of time. (time consuming), but need help, especially during holidays. Also, Zooniverse, which is useful student endeavor.

    Committee members will begin contacting possible organizations of interest to attend. Kim will create verbiage to reach out to organizations. We will use the script to engage possible presenters at fair.

    Kim reaching out to the steering committee and student government regarding the Fair.

  4. New System for Club Communication

    It has been a goal to get communication streamlined with Marketing, Club Advisors and Academy Advisors to build better communication for events.
    New platforms for hosting and providing accessibility to students being investigated. Gisela and others attending demo sessions for these possibilities. Both demos seemed promising.

    Both offered similar functionality. They can be especially useful in tracking attendance and assessment of events. The latter demo emphasized functionality that allowed students to track paperwork and set up portfolios. Also, it is a user-friendly platform to unify communication with faculty, officers, and students of clubs. Stream-lines communication and planning of events.

  5. Student Activities update.
    The Student Government Association(SGA) reports active clubs are conducting activities. Activities appear to be well attended, especially in early evenings. In December, there was a virtual meet-and-greet/games night in the evening and viewing of the Grinch.

    Events are in student newsletter and College Event calendar.

  6. New Business:

    At the end of the meeting we briefly discussed doing a faculty/student event through the Student Activities Committee (SAC).

    Student Surveys:

    • Initially sent out in old tech platform
    • New platform; sent survey; then virus
    • Agreed we should implement new survey

    Faculty participating in theme-based months. Agreed to plan events to coincide with themes of months.

    The Committee would like more faculty engagement overall.

    At the end of the meeting we briefly discussed doing a faculty/student event through the student activities committee.

Meeting adjourned at 3:47

Respectfully submitted,

William Blick
Committee on Student Activities, Secretary

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