How to Complete SPARC Training

Please read all of the directions

  1. Sign into your Blackboard account
  2. Once you are able to access Blackboard, you will see several different boxes: For example:

    • Depiction of My Courses box on Blackboard homepage
    • Depiction of Tools box on Blackboard homepage
    • QCC Announcements

    You are looking for the My Organizations Box:

    Depiction of My Organizations box on Blackboard homepage


    Once you see My Organizations you should have the SPARC Training in that box:

    For Example: link text for Queensborough Community College Student SPARC 2023

    Your year may be different:  It may say SPARC spring 2023, fall 2022 which ever SPARC Training is in blackboard is the Training you are to complete.

  3. Once you click on the link text for Queensborough Community College Student SPARC 2023 the training will start and you will see the following on the Tab side of the training:

    Depiction of navigation menu on a Blackboard course or organization page

    • Please click and open the SPARC Training
    • Once you click on the Training Module you will see this:

      SPARC training link
      SPARC test link
      sparc completion


  4. Please open the SPARC Training. Once you click on the SPARC Training tab you will see this:

    introduction to sparc training

    NOTE: PLEASE take the time out and do the program all at once.  We cannot guarantee if you leave for a break, the program will pick up from where you left.  The Program may start over and this can be very Frustrating for you. The program takes approximately 35-45 minutes to complete.

    • Click on the Start Module 1
  5. There are 3 Modules in which you must complete entirely before being able to get credit for the training. Once you begin the training there will be 8 different subjects that you will see.

    • Welcome (9 sections)
    • Harassment (6 sections)
    • Sexual Assault (5 sections)
    • Intimate Partner Violence (4 sections)
    • Resources (12 sections)


    All of these sections need to be completed. The program is set up where you cannot proceed to the next slide without watching/reading it.  After each slide you will have to click on the next bottom on the bottom right:

    Depiction of SPARC start course toolbar on Blackboard

    If you do not see a “NEXT” button, that means there is something on the current page that has not been completed. Some of the slides will be interactive and you will have to watch additional videos, answer questions, and click on some of the resources. Again, if you do not see the “NEXT” Button, please read the slide again and complete it.

    After All Modules and sections are complete you will see a slide that says:


    • PLEASE MAKE SURE TO TAKE A SCREEN SHOT OR PICTURE OF THE THANK YOU PAGE FOR PROOF. The program has a SPARC Completion History tab, but do not count on that as there is the potential for technical issues to erase that history and you will be unable to get that information back.
  6. PLEASE NOTE:  There is 15 question SPARC TEST that will need to be completed after you are complete with the video portion of the Training. You will see the SPARC TEST in the tab section as seen above in #3. You will need to pass this test with an 80% grade or higher in order to be in compliance. If you get below 80% you will have unlimited tries to take the test until you pass with an 80% or higher. You must complete both the Video Training and the SPARC TEST sections in order to receive you proof of completion.
  7. If you go back to:
    sparc navigation

    Click on Certificate (see below) you will be able to see this:  If you forgot to take a picture of the Thank You Page, you should be able to take a picture of the SPARC Certificate:  Just note, you will not have access to printing the Certification and will get an error if you click on it.  A picture of either The Thank You slide or below, that will suffice as proof.
    sparc certificate of completion

This TRAINING is Mandatory and if not completed by the next semester, there will be a hold that is put on your account. 

We urge you to complete the program immediately and not wait until the last minute.



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